You Know That You Own The Best Packing Supplies

It is not that easy to take the pain out of relocating from one house to another. What you can do is to manage well the cost it may take. If you badly need packing supplies but don’t want to spend money on them, here is the trick – look around your house. You got everything you need inside your haven.

With the right boxes, the work becomes easier.

Stop buying extra moving boxes, bubble wrap, and Styrofoam peanuts. They are not just harmful to our environment; they are quite expensive as well says removalists Sydney to Newscastle at Bill Removalists Sydney. Alternatively, protect your fragile items with these creative materials around you:


Take advantage of the space inside the hamper. Throw your kid’s toys, boots, shoes and other middle-size, bulky items to the basket. After that, do not forget to secure it with a pillowcase or plastic sheet on top.

Sandwich bags

Who could have thought that sandwich bags is a good packing supply? Better utilize them to pack small parts of your disassembled shelves and furniture. Perhaps, you may also use these bags to fill them with air and make some puffy cushions which you could employ as fillers. After moving in, wash, dry and recycle them again.

Linens and towels

Towels can also help you a lot during your move. You can use them to cover serving platters, plates, breakable décor, or vases. Be sure to keep one inside your overnight bag. Meanwhile, heavy blanket is a good padding for your computer or TV while sheets can be utilized as a wrapper for almost everything particularly wooden furniture so you can prevent it from denting.


Looking for the most practical supply you actually own? Don’t go any farther than a sock drawer! Since it is not too soft and not too heavy, socks are an awesome protective wrapping material for stemware and fragile dishes and a great filler for boxes. Additionally, they are an environment-friendly alternative for peanuts and other expensive products out there to prevent your things from bouncing inside the box.

Moving house is another way to have a new beginning.


Don’t know what to do with suitcases? Go get it and pack your DVDs, games, heavy electronics and books inside these suitcases with wheels. On one hand, use suitcases without wheels to pack boots and shoes especially if they didn’t fit any more in your hamper.


Sweaters, T-shirts, and tanks can be used as well to wrap sensitive items. A soft sweat-shirt can aid in lining the bottom of the moving box. It will give cushioning once that box gets placed a bit too hard.

Beer boxes

In need of more packing materials? If that’s the case, don’t throw those beer boxes. Aside from the fact that they are durable and could hold heavy things, they also have handles, making it easier for you to carry them. In addition to that, you have the chance to drink beers!

Trash Pail

If you think you don’t need your garbage canister anymore, then better think again! Just wash and clean it and you can start using it to transfer detergents, cleaning supplies, and other items.

There you have it – some of the budget-wise packing supplies you can use. Now is the perfect time for you to use your imaginative mind. With that, you can surely find more items to reuse as packing materials for your move! If you need more help in moving to Orange, seek assistance from accredited removalists Cronulla from Bill Removalists Sydney to reduce your moving stress.