Wood Flooring Or Laminate Wood Flooring –This Is The Question

What Is The Type Of Wood For Wood Flooring?

Wood Flooring is the type of product which is made from timber. This may be either done in a structural way or may be done in an aesthetic way. The wood may be manufactured in such a way that it is set for wood flooring. There may be an option for hardwood flooring which is made by uprooting trees. These plants may shed leaves once in a year.  Domestic Wood Flooring may be done with hardwood flooring. Wood species may be of white oak, red oak or maple, cherry trees. Many species of wood may be used for Wood Flooring and hardwood flooring is more popular for residential Wood Flooring. Wood may be the common choice for purchasers and it may come from many varieties. The style, color, and type of hardwood flooring may vary depending upon the species of wood or plant variety.

What Is Laminating Wood Flooring?

Laminate flooring is kind of synthetic wood tiles. Multiple synthetic tiles fused together with help of lamination process to give the shape of Laminate Wood Flooring product. The inner layers are filled up with melamine resin with fiber. The popularity of Laminate Wood Flooring is increasing due to easy installation and easy maintenance rather than the traditional Wood Flooring. The top layer of laminate flooring is printed like wood texture to look like wood.

Wood Flooring Vs. Laminate Wood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring


Depending upon the nature of hardwood flooring, the value of the house is increased due to the value of wood.


Hardwood flooring is quite expensive. But it can enhance the value of the home due to the addition of expensive wooden floor. Tough installation and tough maintenance are required.

Laminate Wood Flooring


This is made from compressed materials and it is more resistant to scratches, wear or tear. Laminate wood flooring is easy to install. This laminate wood flooring can be cleaned easily rather than traditional hardwood flooring. This flooring does not get affected by moisture. The laminate wood flooring is cheaper as compared to hardwood flooring.

By the above discussion, it is clear that the purchasers can select the type of wood flooring depending upon the personal choice of factors above.