Will Your Teen Be a Good Driver?

Deciding it is time for your teen to get their driver’s license is a monumental occasion for many families.

That said one wants to be sure their child is up to the task of getting out there on the roads with many other drivers.

So, will your teen be a good driver?

Don’t Take the Importance of Driving Safety for Granted

Making sure you have a teen who understands the importance of driving safety is key.

With that in mind, start them off easy once they have their driver’s license. There is no need to rush them into major driving on freeways or in rush-hour traffic right away. As you ease them into such situations, they should feel comfortable about driving.

Second, you want to make sure any vehicle they operate is as safe as possible.

So, will they be driving the family car or truck or will you be buying them a used or new vehicle?

If you opt to buy a used vehicle for them, it is in everyone’s best interests that you try going with a VIN lookup tool.

Such a tool allows you to decipher key pieces of information about a vehicle you have interest in.

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From learning the owner of the vehicle to if there have been any accidents over time, gain some knowledge. In doing this, you are more prepared to know if the vehicle in question is worth your time. Of most importance, learn if it is in fact safe for your teen to operate.

Also make it a point to learn if the vehicle has any history of breakdowns.

Remember, buying a car for your teenager is for them to get around and take some pressure off of you.

No, you do not want them borrowing your vehicle each time they want to go out. Yes, you want them in a vehicle that is not going to have one maintenance problem after another.

Can Your Teen Steer Clear of Distractions?

It is also important that your teen does their best to steer clear of distractions.

One of the more obvious distractions would be using a cell phone when behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, many teens love to text and call on their phones. As such, their concentration is elsewhere. As a result, they can end in trouble in a matter of seconds.

Impress upon your teen that they must not be using a cell phone when driving any vehicle for that matter. If there is an emergency and they must use a phone, they should get to the safest area possible off the road to do so.

It is also important your teen never thinks it is a good idea to drink and drive.

Especially during prom season and graduations, many fall victim to drinking and driving. When they do, serious accidents can strike in a heartbeat.

Whatever it takes to show your teen distractions are not an option when driving, do it.

If you think your teenager will be a good driver, how soon until they get their license?