What is Dokido?

Dokido is the reimagined design of a longboard that uses a unique patent-pending Saucerang System to propel the board forward. Dokido translates to “the way of synchronization,” getting its name from a combination of the Japanese words doki, meaning “synchronization,” and do, the word for “way.” With its specially-designed singular rear wheel, riders rock back and forth to get moving, offering lots of fun and a workout that tones the legs and core. 

Dokido is in a longboard like shape with only one rear wheel. With dokido, you don’t need to ride with your feet pushing on the ground. All you need is to shift your weight on the board forward and back continuously like dancing. It’s fun to ride and great for weight loss.

Finding exercise options that are fun and effective is a struggle for all ages. Not everyone wants to head to the gym to sweat it out on machines. And when the weather is beautiful, we all want to get out and enjoy the sun. Dokido is an exciting new option that allows riders to “dance” to propel the board forward. The result of this motion is a workout that forces virtually every muscle to work. Kids and adults can enjoy this novel workout, forgetting that they’re exercising at all as they zoom around the pavement. It’s an opportunity to get outdoors, take on new obstacles, and enjoy some bonding time with friends and family. 

To share and have fun with a new way to workout and enjoy life using easy to learn balancing motions. 


Riders don’t need to push with a foot on the ground as they would with a traditional longboard. Instead, they synchronize their rocking to the spin of the rear wheel, giving them complete control over the board that even allows for uphill movement. The motion of shifting weight back and forth between feet forces the uniquely-designed rear wheel to push the board forward.


The Dokido board is made out of 8 layers of bamboo with a carbon fiber bottom layer to add extra strength. The board also includes a built-in stopping mechanism using side bumpers that force the wheel to stop when Dokido is tilted to the side. The bumpers also allow for indoor use as it does not scratch floors or walls. 

The traditional skateboard has been a beloved mode of exercise and entertainment for decades, but many beginners find it hard to step on a board and enjoy the ride without losing control. Dokido’s wheel design holds the board in a neutral position that doesn’t move without the rider’s intention. Instead of a freely-rolling board that requires riders to push off from the pavement, Dokido’s one-of-a-kind Saucerang System propels the board forward through a dance-like movement. When a rider isn’t actively rocking to move forward, the board stays stable, reducing the risk of injury. Not only is this longboard alternative a fun and easy way for beginners to enjoy the sport, but longtime-boarders will love the new challenge that comes with it. The board can even be propelled uphill. 
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By using a land paddle, overall riding speed increases and make it easier to manage long distance rides. And, of course, you can ride Dokido by pushing like a traditional longboard too. (In these cases, the rider’s up and down motion will be the added driving force.) 


Dokido is great for entertainment, commuting to work, or a solid workout. Great for young kids to adults and everyone can use the same sized board.  

Dokido is an innovative, eco friendly product. The board has been constructed from expertly designed hands. There are 8 layers of bamboo that are used to make up the board. Bamboo is a strong and sustainable material. The boards also contain many recyclable parts so be sure not to throw them out after heavy use. 

Saucerang System® Wheel Hub (Prototype)

It’s like dancing on a balance board! Easy and fun way to exercise for a wider range of people who want to build strength in core, abdominal, back, glutes, and leg muscles. Dokido makes the biggest difference in the uniqueness and ease of how you ride the board. When you ride a skateboard or a caster board, stepping on the board is usually the hardest part especially for beginners. 

Dokido solves this problem with Saucerang System. Saucerang System is on the rear wheel which can hold the board more stable in the neutral position, contributes both in ease of learning and minimizing the risk of injury, also transmits the rider’s dancing move to the driving force. 


When you step on Dokido, since the board is more stabilized in the neutral position (Saucerang System® logo showing up on the rear wheel hub), you can keep your left foot on the ground as a pivoting foot just like when you ride on a bicycle. In regular stance, put your right foot on the rear side first, then left foot on the front side and when both feet are on the board, start riding Dokido by dancing on the board!



  1. You can ride Dokido without the necessity of your foot touching the ground by shifting your weight forward and back (left and right) in such a way as dancing. 

The Floss Dance popularized by Backpack Kid, aka Russell Horning, and the Kunekune Taiso introduced by Hideo Araki, Honorary Professor of Tokushima University, the brain-science-based nervous system training that is already recognized broadly in Japan are good examples of how you dance on Dokido.

  1. With Dokido, you can climb uphill and even start climbing in the middle of an uphill in the same manner.
  2. You can carry around Dokido like a wheeled carry-on luggage by holding the rear ringed edge of the board.



Kaz Kumada – Inventor & CEO 

One day in January 2013, my family and I went to an ice rink nearby Yokohama city in Japan where we lived. I was watching my 8-year-old daughter almost fall while ice skating and noticed that the mechanism of ice skating is so simple but so difficult, especially for a beginner. This sparked my memory of an idea I had in the 1990s about redesigning an eccentric-hub scooter with a new suspension system. I thought “Why don’t I take out the handle and make it simple.” This is how the idea of the skateboard with eccentric-hub came along.

Product Specific FAQs:

Can I use Dokido outside in bad weather? Will it warp the board?

While hard coating with PU is done on the deck and is water poof, we don’t recommend using Dokido in bad weather for safety reasons. But instead, Dokido performs well indoors and it has bumpers to prevent from scratching floors or walls.

How fast can I go?

We would like users to ride Dokido at a slow to medium speed for exercise purposes, but if you want to ride Dokido as fast as a traditional longboard and manage long distance rides, we recommend using a land paddle, though you’ll still feel much easier and safer than a traditional longboard.

Do you offer accessories or different designs?

There are red dots, grey dots and a simple black logo design to offer.

Do you have a replacement part department?

You can order replacement parts such as the board, bumpers, rear wheel, rear wheel hubs, rear wheel shafts and rear bearings from us for easy assembly.

What safety recommendations do you have?

We recommend wearing protective gears while riding Dokido safely in accordance with local laws.

Risks and challenges

We have experience in producing past consumer products. Because of this, we are aware of some of the manufacturing challenges. Good design takes time and experience which we have. We only expect small manufacturing delays if any. There’s always a chance of delays through customs or shipping. We are in constant contact with our manufacturers to bring you the latest updates.

Quality control is another issue we have faced in the past. To combat this, we will ask for periodic sampling and test out new colors with caution. We know what to look for and how to get there. However, we know that Plan A doesn’t always work and we always have a backup plan.

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