WellWrap is an on-the-go wearable orthopedic knee wrap

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WellWrap is an on-the-go wearable orthopedic knee wrap that uses NASA’s proven Low Level Laser Technology and acupuncture principles to create natural, drug-free pain relief. With just one to two 7-minute treatments, wearers can experience fast and effective relief from aches related to arthritis, past injuries, and more.

WellWrap is a revolutionary innovation in pain treatment that allows chronic sufferers to let go of a reliance on OTC and prescription pain medications. Wearers can finally take control of pain management and monitor their health with the wrap’s accompanying mobile app. Sensors within the wrap track vitals, including blood pressure and temperature. These vitals can be monitored remotely using a phone or tablet by family members, loved ones and healthcare professionals. WellWrap is FDA registered & safe and mimics the feel of a traditional knee-compression sleeve with a flexible material that allows it to be worn even while engaging in low-impact activities like walking. The treatment is fast and allows one to return to their day-to-day schedule within minutes and without any of the side effects of pharmaceutical pain treatments.

WellWrap allows individuals with chronic pain to take their LLLT treatments home and take advantage of a side-effect-free option as needed. LLLT a NASA technology is used at pain clinics, and sports establishments for faster healing and recovery. Currently, Wellwrap is the only patent-pending FDA-Registered Medical Device which captures PAIN and VITALS Data to share with Doctors for better patient outcomes

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has become a popular drug-free treatment option for relief of chronic pain and clinics use them to treat patient pain today and studies have shown that this non-invasive treatment is effective for pain related to arthritis & osteoarthritis and other joint ailments. While competitive products are mostly handheld and very expensive, cumbersome and inconvenient and none of them allow data capture.

The team behind WellWrap is currently on Indiegogo raising funds to put this orthopedic product into production. You can check out their campaign here and get all the details on this amazing pain relief solution. Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you soon about working together on this unique story idea.