Wedding Reception – Live Wedding Band Or Disk Jockey?

Of course, you know the answer already. Everybody knows that Disk Jockey (DJ) is nothing compared to having a live wedding band on stage. There is always a semblance of elegance and grandeur that comes with hiring a live band. The energy you get from a live band is always greater than a DJ’s because you can feel their presence. Not only will there be music, but the live performance cannot be contested.

Most wedding guests turn up for the entertainment and not the union itself. So, why not give them something to remember for years? Most times, you get compliments on the hired band than your wedding dress.

Some people have argued that DJs have a longer playlist and playtime than live bands. But this isn’t true. Most professional wedding bands have as high as 16 hours of playtime. During that period, they can switch between songs to match the ambiance, keeping guests hyped nonstop. Moreover, some live bands act as DJs during their breaks. This is always a good time to shower with favourite jams that are not included in their playlist. After all, band break period is coupled with wedding activities such as cutting of cake, toasts, and bouquet toss.

This time will allow guests have a lot of fun and the band can rest as much as possible. The remaining time can be reserved for bad DJ-ing. Often, wedding guest list consists of different people with different nationalities, tribes, and ethnic backgrounds. A great concept you may consider is having a live band DJ with special genres of music for different ethnic groups.

Professionalism varies from one band to another. Check out the playlist of the band and make sure the list is comprehensive and with different genres of songs. It is expected that a seasoned live band knows that there are suitable songs for all age ranges.

Just like having a DJ, some bands have a leader who acts as the Emcee. This Emcee will take charge of the proceedings of the reception. From announcing the couple to cutting of the cake and tossing the garter, this Emcee will be on standby. This is a good way of saving money as you will not have to hire a separate Emcee for the event.

Just like live bands have their pros, they have cons as well. A big advantage DJs have over live bands is cost-effectiveness. Hiring a band can cost between $1500 to $10,000, whereas you can hire a professional for as low as $2500. However, top-notch live bands are not pricey without reason. The touch of professionalism and crowd control is something that cannot be debated.

Generally, you can get a more successful reception event with a wedding band they have the ability to spice up their playlist. Also, the Emcee with his wealth of experience will guide the group to play songs suitable for all age groups and at different periods. Thus, live bands are definitely worth the hire.