Using Staffing Software to Search Social Media for the Right Candidates

Social media is an important tool for recruiters as well as job seekers.  The overall use of social media has increased in the last five years by 54 percent, 79 percent of job seekers search social media for jobs, and one in five of these candidates say they’ve applied to jobs that they found by way of a social media site. Clearly, staffing software with robust social posting, searching and alert capabilities is a vital recruitment tool.

While many social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, offer job posting capabilities, these social platforms and others such as Twitter and Instagram are also used by recruiters to weed out candidates. According to Jobvite’s 2017 Recruiter Nation Report recruiters bypass candidates – even candidates whose resumes indicate that they’re a good knowledge and experience fit for the open position – if their social behavior indicates a bad culture fit for the client’s firm. Notable as well is that 12 percent of recruiters stated that they would not consider an applicant who did not have a presence on social media. 

Of the recruiters surveyed:

  • 61 percent eliminated a candidate from consideration if their social profiles told of marijuana use in the last year
  • 51 percent refused to consider any candidate who ranted about politics on social media
  • 48 percent would not consider a job applicant with numerous spelling or grammar mistakes in their tweets or posts
  • 35 percent declined to consider candidates bragging online about their consumption of alcohol
  • 19 percent of these recruiters declined to consider a job applicant whose social-media posts or tweets bragged about being wealthy or buying bg ticket items
  • 16 percent of recruiters refused to consider a job applicant who showed too much skin in the photos they posted to social platforms. 
  • 7 percent even refused to consider a candidate that posted selfies on social media. 

With few exceptions, these personality traits would have remained hidden to recruiters if it weren’t for social media access. Social media is time consuming, however. Finding active or passive candidates whose personality, training and experience are the right fit for a current job, or weeding out candidates whose personalities would be jarring to the company culture, is a tedious hit-or-miss task if done manually. 

 A recruiting firm that needs its recruiters to hone in on the right candidates for its client’s positions as quickly and cost-effectively as possible needs staffing software that can automate the social-media.