Top tips to upgrade your website marketing

Whatever business sector you are operating in, your website is absolutely central to your operation. For most clients and potential clients, it is the portal through which they interact with you, a combination of shop-front, calling-card and permanent advertisement, and so many of your marketing goals can be achieved through your website. Here is a handy guide to the ways in which you can use your website to boost your marketing effort.

Invest in awesome content

It is a sobering fact to consider for online businesses, but over half of the visitors to any website leave after less than 15 seconds – so how do you get them to stay? Well, if you want them to hang around, then you have to offer them high-quality content.

Many modern entrepreneurs, including Stan Gershengoren, understand the impact that great video content can have with potential clients. Whether it is an original and entertaining piece, a how-to-tutorial or an interactive product description, Stan Gershengoren and other business pioneers know that if you can present visitors with attractive, engaging content, then they are more likely to stay to find out more. Videos are the perfect way to show off your brand and convey information, and there is evidence that sites with videos are prioritized in Google searches.

Get professional writing help

If the process of writing content discourages you, then it is worth seeking the advice of a writer to review your site. They can provide an objective review and check that everything from your grammar and spelling to your site’s narrative flow reflects you and your business in the best possible light, and that you are focusing on the right market and products.

They can also help to spot if you are making obvious mistakes with your written web content, the most obvious being keyword stuffing. That might have worked a few years back, but Google long ago got wise to the practice, and sites that indulge in excessive keyword stuffing can find that they are de-indexed completely.

Test the checkout journey

Let’s say that someone has found your site, enjoyed the original content and decided to make a purchase. So far so good – but what if they add something to their checkout basket and it doesn’t appear, or they can’t find the size or color they are looking for? At this point, they might leave the site altogether, which negates all the work that you’ve put into your site.

That’s why it’s important to try the checkout process for yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and try to access your site, browse and make a purchase. Try it out on mobile devices also. That way, you will be able to spot any obvious technical website problems that could undo all of your good work.

Be open to currencies

Let’s be honest, the bottom line in any business is, well, the bottom line. You want to maximize your income. The last thing that you want is for a potential customer to pull out of a sale because your site doesn’t accept their preferred currency. By opening up your business to customers beyond your country, you can drastically increase both your audience size and your conversion rate. Find out how to process international payments and incorporate this into your site – and look into offering translated versions of your site for international visitors.

Strong images

If you want to ensure that visitors head straight to your rivals, then fill your site with blocks of dense text. Nothing is more off-putting than a wall of text, so when designing or updating your site, keep the words to a minimum, and intersperse the prose with arresting, colorful images that will not only break up the text but also communicate your business values and brand.


Make it easy to search

You need to make searching as easy as possible for your clients. First, you need to help them find you. Try writing some informative, useful blogs incorporating one or two niche keywords and specific, unique product information. When a potential customer arrives at your site, make sure that there is a search option on every page so that it is as easy as possible for them to find what they are looking for in those all-important first 15 seconds.

Website marketing can seem daunting, but once you start to look at it as a key part of your day-to-day work rather than as an optional extra, you will find that improving and evolving your website happens naturally, as part of your ongoing efforts to grow your business.