Top 5 Vacation Locations For Single People

Being single for a long time can sometimes be rather boring. You sit at home, stare at your smartphone for hours while browsing celebrity Snapchat names and switching between three or four apps. If you’ve had enough of this routine and you want to change something in your life, maybe it’s time for you to go on an exciting solo adventure. Who says you have to be with someone to enjoy a fun and refreshing vacation, right? Therefore, check out these 5 vacation locations that are perfect for single people.

Herradura, Costa Rica

If you need to take a break from your boss, your boring job, your friends, and family, Herradura, Costa Rica is where you should go. This dreamy place is completely isolated and it offers you a chance to remove yourself from the noisy and busy world. In Herradura, you can fish, surf, or simply chill on the lovely beaches this place has to offer. You can also hike and explore the magnificent rainforest. However, make sure to bring a guide, these forests can be tricky.

Aruba, Caribbean

The only right way to have a vacation in the Caribbean is by going solo. Why? Well, because these islands, especially Aruba, have a lot of adults-only activities. There are thousands of gorgeous half-naked people walking on these beautiful white-sand beaches and coming here with your partner is ill-advised. This is a place where you can completely enjoy your freedom and flirt with many young and restless individuals. Besides the hot dating scene, Aruba also offers mesmerizing nature and stunning views.  

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If, by any chance, Aruba is not interesting enough for you, make sure to visit the magnificent place called San Juan located in Puerto Rico. This breathtaking resort offers its visitors a number of lovely beaches, good food, music, and hot people. What more do you need, right? San Juan is famous for incredible nightlife and parties that are held on the beaches by the water. If you choose to spend your time in the city, feel free to visit as many bars as you possibly can. These people know how to treat tourists with respect and care. You won’t be disappointed.


We’re not going to mention a specific city or a town in Ireland because you simply have to see and experience the beauty of this entire country. One of the most beautiful things Ireland has to offer are people. These men and women will welcome you with open arms and many glasses of high-quality beer and whiskey. Walk into the first pub you see and there’s a strong possibility you’ll meet your next best friend. Also, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the magnificent outdoors. However, don’t forget a jacket, it can get pretty cold and rainy there.

Miami, Florida

This list wouldn’t’ be complete without the best destination for single people in the world – Miami, Florida. Here you can hike and explore the Everglades by day, and enjoy pool parties with handsome people during the night. As you probably already know, Miami offers probably the best nightlife in the world. You can choose to party in the city or at the beach. At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that Miami has been one of the best places for single people since the 80s.