Top 5 Seafood Dishes to Try in Catania

When I visiting Catania for the first time there are a few things you need to figure out before you get there: the most interesting places to see, the best car rental in Catania airport, and the local foods you need to enjoy before you leave.

Catania’s main ingredient is fish and seafood which is obvious given its location but it also borrowed from various cultures the result being a complex, fresh and varied collection of dishes that will satisfy anyone.

Spaghetti airicii


This spaghetti is very simple to cook but it takes more time than most of us would like. The sea urchins have to be cut in half and scoop out the best part of the meat. The meat is used to give the spaghetti a delicate, salty taste. This dish is very
expensive – it takes about 15 sea urchins to make just a portion of pasta but it’s something you should enjoy at least once in your lifetime and Catania is the best place for it.

Sicilian Grilled Swordfish

One of the best places to try this dish in Catania is Ristorante Pagano. The recipe is quite simple: the swordfish is grilled for 2 minutes on each side after which the fish is punched and lemon sauce is poured over it. Though easy to cook, it tastes amazing it has many flavors and it’s one of the traditional dishes everyone tries when visiting Catania.

Swordfish Parmigiana

The Swordfish Parmigiana is one of the classic Sicilian dishes, found more at home than in restaurants. But if you can find one that serves this dish you’re in for an amazing meal. It’s made of swordfish steaks, Italian eggplant, olive oil and several other condiments and the result is fantastic. One of the best restaurants to try this dish is Trattoria Casalinga.

Street fish foods

The street market in Catania, as in all Sicily, is full of incredible food and vendors that yell their special prices as you pass by, offering various great foods you won’t resist trying. Not only fish, they offer various dishes that are incredibly tasteful: cassatella, Sicilian ricotta cannolo, zuzzu, cipollina, grilled fish, and others.

Pasta con le sarde

Despite the fact spaghetti ale vongole (pasta with steamed clams) is extremely popular in Italy, the finest dish you can eat is pasta con le sarde. The main ingredient is fresh sardines and anchovy. Various flavoring ingredients are added, like olive oil, and onions. Different kinds of pasta can be used but mostly bucatini. Some chefs add different condiments for a better flavor: fennel, pine nuts, saffron, and raisins. The finish is given by toasted breadcrumbs. Some variations of the dish also use tomato sauce.

Even though Catania is not a very rich town, it originated many of the classic Italian dishes that you probably won’t find anywhere else and you’ll never forget. A visit there must include a tour of the street foods who offer dishes for any kind of preference, starting with the fish market and ending with delicious sweets.