Tips for YouTube Advertising

YouTube has become a giant in the past half-decade. Every minute it has hundreds of hours’ worth of video uploaded to YouTube, and it has entire communities built around it. Modern marketing strategies always include a video component, and that’s a prime reason to advertise on YouTube, especially since its users consume an endless amount of video content. YouTube Advertising is now more important than ever, in that it allows your brand to reach an endless number of users with absolute ease.

Think about which ad format suits you best

YouTube as a platform has several ad options available. Un-skippable are being killed this year, but you still have a decent variety to choose from. There is no absolute best way to make use of these options, so it takes a little experimentation at first, but it does help to know which ones to use in different situations. For example, TrueView ads are the best for raising brand awareness, and sponsored cards help with targeting users that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Maximise the potential of the targeting options

Just as with any other digital marketing campaign, you should completely use the tools at your disposal. Targeting the users that are most likely to interact with your brand is much better than randomly targeting people without any insight. YouTube itself is very flexible when it comes to having control over who sees your ads. You can fine-tune your campaign to target only those that you deem will interact with your brand.

Use Video Remarketing

An extremely effective tool to help your marketing campaign, remarketing allows you to “follow” your website visitors with advertisements in other places. It’s a genuinely helpful tactic that will ensure your website visitors to continually interact with your brand as those who have already visited your website are much more likely to visit it again. This is better than constantly having new visitors. It might appear daunting at first, but remarketing is incredibly easy to set up.

Create compelling content

Easier said than done in most situations, but with un-skippable ads being killed, and ad-fatigue becoming more present on the internet, having content that’s simply compelling and genuine is something that you probably can’t afford to miss. It doesn’t mean that you have to do it all by yourself all the time. YouTube as a platform is very flexible, and it’s compatible with other platforms. You can employ companies, like the previously linked Broadplace, to assist you in creating the perfect marketing campaign that will allow your brand the attention it deserves.

You can make your ads interactive

Depending on the situation you are in, you can use different ads to perform different interactive feats. For example, you can use a TrueView ad to link up to your shopping cart, or also add calls-to-action, and cards to showcase your products. Interactivity is something modern digital marketing does best when compared to traditional marketing, so using it fully can be a very smart choice.

It’s one thing to have a great ad, but completely another to have tangible results from your ad campaign. Make sure your campaign is as effective as it should be, and don’t forget that you can always employ the help of professionals like Broadplace.