These Medical Students Took Education Crowdfunding to the Next Level

What would you, as a student, do if you found your curriculum inadequate? Would you take the initiative to make a change?

That’s exactly what the postgraduate students of an Indian medical college did. When they found their curriculum lacked the research techniques they needed to learn to be able to work on their thesis, 100 students turned to crowdfunding with Impact Guru to hold workshops and train themselves to perform more effective research.

Education crowdfunding has been a boon for students across the world who wants to advance in their careers and fund their higher education. Thousands of students are able to form a growing network of support from family, friends, acquaintances and their contacts to raise funds to afford their dream universities and courses.

These medical students realized that they were wasting hours of their time on looking for references online and found out that they could use scientific techniques to expedite the process. Since they weren’t being taught the right skills to save time on writing their thesis, they needed to find another way to learn ways of searching for relevant literature, to perform evidence based research. QMed Knowledge Foundation would hold workshops, after which they would work with each student, aiding them in searching, citing and referencing.

How did crowdfunding help?

Crowdfunding has been a popular method of raising funds for years now, especially for social, artistic and medical causes. Online crowdfunding websites have provided artists with the platform they need to connect to art lovers that can fund their practice and have their work recognized. Platforms like Impact Guru helped save nonprofits large amounts of money that was swallowed by fundraising organizations they previously went to for funding.

Crowdfunding with Impact Guru was effective in helping these medical students afford the resources and training they needed by giving them a platform to tell their story, share it easily across social media networks and let supporters make donations in India and across the globe in minutes. And donors didn’t have to leave empty handed! The students offered major donors an opportunity to gain from their contributions by giving them the chance to attend a workshop for free.

Are you looking to empower yourself with vocational training, to afford an education abroad or advance in your career with part-time courses? Education crowdfunding is the ideal solution to help you raise funds without having to promise payback or make any sacrifice. Start a fundraiser today – it’s free and quick!