There’s Hope for All

Human beings have withstood being swept away by evolutionary changes by a single virtue- the ability to remain hopeful in even in the direst of times. We wake up every morning to hear about cities blown up into smithereens. The media reminds us how polar ice-caps are melting and islands are sinking.Throughout the day, we stumble upon reasons why humanity doesn’t exist. We keep thinking about mass murderers and dictators and their crimes. Human existence seems purposeless, at times even banal. Yet, we wake up the next day to go through the next day. Do we expect something different despite everyday looking exactly the same? Yes, we do. Human beings are hardwired to be bearers of hope to themselves and to each other. According to positive psychologists, hope is one of the ten positive emotions.

A ‘switch’ for better times

Hope is an interesting emotion. Hope stands on the crossroads between positive and negative emotions. Well that’s not what makes hope interesting. Hope can act as a ‘switch’ and alter one’s mood. If one was to travel through time, one would find that our lives have improved over times. Be it the advent of technology which has revolutionized our lives in terms of access to healthcare, dissemination of information or ease of travelling- our lives have been made much easier in comparison to our forefathers. It is solely because of our innate ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel and believe in the existence of a better tomorrow.

A do-good be-good world

We help each other in our lives because we all are united by this common belief – a better tomorrow. Not for one, not for few, but for all. Be it a small donation when an acquaintance says ‘I need help financially’ or being with a near one who is hospitalised. Be it a kind word or a smile or maybe allowing a person in hurry to bypass the queue, we all believe that a kind act can bring  change. Raising a fundraiser for oneself or for somebody else is also an act rooted in hope. And this is the reason why fundraisers are often successful. People who pool funds believe that their contribution will inspire others to do good. Their contribution helps in providing immediate aid to people in need. The recipient gets touched by the act of altruism, which apart from gratitude, implants a thought in the mind of recipient to give back this kindness. The end result is a win-win situation where more and more people assemble in the league of hope.

If we were beings of cynicism, we wouldn’t find ourselves occasionally enjoying the upbeat music on the radio or maybe able to enjoy getting drenched in the first rains. In a world where we are brainwashed to believe that we are tiny helpless beings, our little acts of kindness, can create a massive impact, making our world a better place to be in. If you ever thought hope is dead, think again. There is hope.