The Evolution of American Football

What started as a small college game, today it has emerged into one of the most popular games in the USA history. American football is a combination of two games, that is soccer and rugby, in which two teams compete with each other to get the ball in their hands and run along with it or throw it in the opponent’s goalpost.  The game involves a combination of brute strength and swiftness to carry the ball forward overcoming every obstacle in the way.

After some time the colleges formed intercollegiate football association and from there started the journey of this game from colleges to become a world-famous sport. It was in 1892 that the first official professional game of American football was played which involved giving payment to players to play for a particular team. There were some major changes made in the rules of the game around 1905 due to the reason that there were 19 deaths in 1905 alone which made the US president at that time to threaten with the abolition of the game unless the rules are changed.  In 1920 the birth of national football league was also seen along with many new changes in the way this game was played earlier.

Today, according to Philadelphia Eagles news there is no player bidding after 1966, but only team auctions are allowed. When in 1960’s the American football league gave a crude competition to national football league by bragging most of the television rights for the games and for gaining the most numbers players by bidding it resulted in the merger of the two in the year 1966. Before the merger, the two leagues used to compete with each other by the way of the super bowl, where the champions of both the leagues used to compete with each other and emerge as the champion of both the leagues.

The game gained the highest popularity between 1960 and 1989 under Pete Rozelle, in these 30 years, the viewership of the game increased by 400%. Since then the sport has seen the face of success every year bragging large sponsorships and stronger teams with emerging each year and making new records like Philadelphia Eagles record of 22-21, an all-time record made until 2018. A game depicting the raw strength of the players and testing the capacity of the players to carry the ball forward.