The Biggest Problem With Beard Oil

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I managed to give myself a massive reaction the first time I used beard oil. You should at no time use beard oil again if the following tale ricochets with what you are presently doing. Therefore, stay wrapped up as the following experience is very essential to the health of your beard.

My routine involved pouring lots of oil into my palms and softly rubbing it through my beard. So, this story dates back to when I first started using products on my facial hair. I thought my beard would be healthier if I used the products more. For that reason, I developed a habit of smearing my beard with a little more oil before leaving the house.

My beard started being really itchy with time. Nonetheless, at the outset, I thought my facial hair was dry hence the itchiness.

This pressed me towards rubbing on more beard oil over my hair. In some way, the beard oil generated immense snags. The beard oil quality or the amount I was using might have stimulated these glitches since essential oils can be very reactive to the skin when producing a mix. Carrier oils should be 96-99% of the mix.

Where I was using products I had a huge rush and my skin was burning. Major reactions can be caused by both reactions (it is clear that it was not caused by our product but another company’s). Perhaps you may be asking yourself questions on how to stop beard from itching. The moment I understood that overuse of beard oil can create huge problems is when I stopped using a particular ingredient. To avoid the stress I experienced there are a few steps you need to take:

Select a blameless product

You should be fine if your target is a 100% organic cold pressed oil. on the other hand, you need to track how much you used.

Guidelines should be followed

Within the amount you should use daily, these are our guidelines for the beard oils we produce.  

  • For anyone from 0-3 months of growth a dosage of less than 5 pence.
  • For 3-6 months of growth 5 pence piece dosage.
  • For 6-12 months of growth 5 pence piece++.

The amount of oil you will need is dependable on the amount of hair. Hence, the more oil you will use the more hair. The age and size of your beard are entirely relative. Make sure you are cautious with the amount you use by following what works for you.

Facial hair and every person’s skin is different. Make sure to test the results. You might need less than our guided dosage or more. Just see what works for you as there is no fix. Good luck with your beard growth and I hope you found this article useful.