The benefits of online prepaid recharge

There are advantages galore in recharging your prepaid SIM online – we list 3 most important ones.

Your mobile phone is your gateway to the world. Whenever you need information, or entertainment, or a connection to the world for any reason, your phone does it all for you.

But you must recharge your prepaid phone often. If you are still not recharging it online, then you absolutely must! You can do it by yourself without having to depend on anyone else. Besides, it is really easy to do and you don’t need to ask anyone to teach you how to do it. Just get your smartphone, install a good recharge app on it and get started.

These are the benefits of recharging your phone online:

* Faster than any other way of recharge. The earliest prepaid phone connections in India needed a recharge via an intermediary. It could be a scratch card that you purchased at a mobile store, or a phone IVR you followed, or the neighbourhood grocer who did the mobile recharge over their own phone line. But today, you don’t need any help in mobile recharge – simply flick open the service provider’s website or smartphone app and do the recharge in minutes. It is so fast that you get used to it in no time at all. If you use a good recharge app like myAirtel, then you can do mobile recharge for both Airtel and non-Airtel numbers.

* Easier and more convenient. The Internet has eased our lives to a considerable extent by bringing a lot of products and services literally to our fingertips. The power of the Internet can be best leveraged for banking and other finance-related tasks. Where earlier users of prepaid phones needed to carry cash to the mobile store to complete the recharge or buy a scratch card, you now just need to key in your card details or do the mobile recharge using a UPI app. The myAirtel app offers multiple payment options for you to choose the most convenient one. So you don’t need to dispense with cash, or even add beneficiary details if you’re recharging using the BHIM app.

* It is done in a secure, real time environment. Another big advantage of doing the mobile recharge online is that the transfer of money is immediate, and the recharge is recognised at once. All you have to do is pay online and the app processes the payment with the service provider in real time. The money is auto debited from your account and you get the acknowledgement for the recharge at once. Besides, leading providers like Airtel offer the most secure payment platforms for you to complete the transactions.