The 5 Most Popular Weight Lifting Myths Explained

It is not easy to be a success in fitness with all the myths going around. They can mislead you unless you understand the right thing. If you have been in fitness for long, you have probably fallen into some of them. Most fitness trainers have written about them in an attempt to help people. Luckily, this article is about the same story: debunking popular myths in fitness. Read on to know more.

Cardio is Better for Belly Fat

There are two main categories of workouts: cardio and weightlifting. Some people prefer cardio to weightlifting and think that they can burn belly fat better. But the plain truth is that working more with weights is better than running. According to practical studies, people who lift three times a week become lean faster than their counterparts who jog for the same time. If you are planning to lose belly fat, it is time to start lifting more and doing less cardio workouts.

Ladies Are Better With Light Weights

This myth has confused many ladies in a real sense. The belief is deep-rooted since women everywhere spend most of their gym time with light kettlebells and dumbbells. They rarely go for heavy barbells thinking that they are for men. But the concept of lifting works the same way for both men and women. The latter will hit the goals faster and better if they go for heavier weights than the light ones.

Aerobic Exercises Are for the Heart

People who want to keep their heart happy will always go for cardio. But is this the only way to exercise the heart muscles? The answer is no! Although aerobic exercises are good for blood pumping, any other exercise will do the same. Those who lift heavy weights even after responsible use of steroids from reliable sellers like Muscles fax usually have healthy and happy hearts. Thus, you cannot rely on cardio workouts alone to achieve this goal. It has to be a mix of all exercises.

Caloric Deficit Diets Will Never Increase Lean Muscle

Increasing lean muscles requires enough energy to engage in extreme workouts. That is why people think that caloric deficit diets are not a good condition to achieve this goal. Fitness experts and science recommend lifting weight and doing cardio at the same time to lose fat while gaining lean muscle. This way, one can gain strength and endurance as well.

Heavy Lifting Adds Weight

People believe that gaining muscles is the same as adding weight. In the fitness world, the accumulation of fat when one is eating more calories than they are burning is considered weight gain. When you lift weights and the muscles start to grow as the fat decreases, this is called muscle gain or getting lean. So, now you know and the confusion is over.

Although there are numerous fitness myths out there, these are the main ones we have explained to you. With these highlights, it is easy to do the right thing and also help others who are in the dark about this.