Take Your Twitter Marketing To Newer Heights With This One Hack

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Unlike Facebook, Twitter has a word limit when it comes to posting any brand or personal update. Earlier this word limit was up to 160 words, which has now been upgraded marginally. But even after all this, the limit imposed on writing content on Twitter might give a tough time to brand managers and social media executives who want to maximize the reach of their products/services using social media platforms. Just in case you happen to be in one such position where Twitter marketing plays an important role, then go ahead use this hack to get desired results-

Link URL For Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing has its own set of rules which you have to follow if you wish to forge ahead. A long and unattractive URL can become an obstacle in your way if you don’t handle it properly when you still have time. This is where a good URL shortener for Twitter comes into the picture. It allows you to shorten your original blog post URL into a short and targeted link, which can be edited and re-edited again and again until you feel satisfied with your work. Use it once if you wish to achieve positive results in a hassle-free manner.

Timely Posting

Though it’s a wise move to opt for a useful URL shortener, unless you back your process by other tactics like timely posting and attractive media, you might not get desired outcomes. So, once you opt for a link shortener, start creating attractive blog post URLs for social media posting and publish them on Twitter at the right time. You need to follow this point on a regular basis if you wish to achieve positive results without wasting a lot of your time and efforts in the marketing of your brand.

In the end, it’s all about the decisions you take at the right time. The above two points play a crucial role in the Twitter marketing. As a brand manager, you should follow them carefully in 2018 to reach out to maximum users in a trouble-free manner. Give them a try and feel the difference this one step can make in your life.