Street Rodders Dream: Elegant and Fast – 1929 Ford Pickup

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If you’re looking to make a statement at the next classic car rally, but don’t want to do all the work, check out this 1929 Ford street rod for sale. All the heavy lifting has been done on this beautiful pickup. Just get in and drive it!

This street rod is elegant, but fast. From the plush carpet to the comfy leatherette bench seat, to the premium wood detailing of the bed and the show quality all-black paint job, this rod was made for comfort and speed—just like it was back in the day.

History of the 1929 Ford

In 1929, riding on the success of it’s Model T, Ford produced the Model A. Ford began sales of the car on December 2, 1927 and by February 4, 1929 had sold one million cars. By July 1929, two million had been sold. The Model A came in a range of styles from the pickup to the roadster to the top of the line Town Car. And, at the time, it ran at top speed at 40 horsepower and 65 miles per hour.

Everything’s a little different with this build though. The eight-cylinder Ford 351 Windsor engine means you’ll be going over sixty-five, if you want to. Or, with this 1929 Ford street rod for sale, you can just cruise in style with the removable tan cloth top on.

Reasons to own a classic car

Not sure about classic cars? Here’s why you want to own one.

The Classic Car Crowd

If you’ve never owned a classic car, you’ve been missing out on a one of the more healthy and fun pastimes available. Once you start hitting the classic car shows, you’ll be overtaken by the interesting people you will meet and addicted to the smile that comes across their faces when they see your car and it brings back a memory.

Appreciation (the Monetary Kind)

Classic cars represent an era and generally increase in value over time. The good feelings a car like this brings to you and those who see it, last a lifetime.

Keep Boredom at Bay

Whether you’re commuting to work or going out for a Sunday drive, doing it in a classic car makes you really feel like you’re driving. And, you’ll most likely turn more than a few heads.

Save Money

In most states, you can register your 1929 Ford street rod for free! That’s right. With historic vehicle designation, you’ll bypass the cost of registration and likely get a fancy specialized historic vehicle plate.

Don’t waste any more time getting this 1929 Ford street rod back on the road!