Short History of Casinos and Online Casinos

Gambling has always been a sector that has attracted a lot of attention. Ever since ancient times, populations were delighted with primal gambling experiences of strong emotions that contributed to this phenomenon. In short, gambling has always been part of our lives. In 1990, thanks to the increasing spread of computers in all homes and the explosion of the Internet, some computer engineers thought it good to make gambling accessible to everyone. So the first online casinos were born.

Initially, the experiment was not a big success because people did not trust much of these new software launched so far in the market by playing institutional gambling casinos and land casinos. For 5 or 6 years, the online casinos phenomenon lost interest, suggesting that this was not an area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest to the general public, it was 1997 and it seemed that everything would explode into a big bubble of soap. However, I was continuing to grow on the internet, and ordinary people continued to enjoy gambling.

In 2000, a group of Israeli computer engineers decided to develop previous online casino software. The work was grueling, the graphics were improved, the payment systems were made safer and the first controlling bodies for online gambling and gambling commission were set up.

There was a real revolution, online casinos liked, people realized that they could try the same emotions as classical gambling without having to go physically into land casinos; they could do it directly from home. Creation was made easy and the first online casinos were literally taken by assault by people wishing to win and have fun.

It was 2005 and the “online casino bomb” was exploding. Many other computer companies around the world began developing software for gambling, the internet was literally flooded with digital casinos. The strong competition of these years led developers to create better games, bonuses and payment systems, making the industry safer, more fun and consequently more and more popular with Internet users.

It continued for a couple of years, everything seemed perfect, people played and the number of online casinos continued to grow, it seemed that nothing could scratch this world. Unfortunately, however, as it usually happens in things that seem too good to be true, something sank. The number of virtual casinos available was really huge and not all of these gaming halls were of high quality and above all reliability. It was 2008 and there was the scandal of many unreliable online casinos born just for the purpose of cheating players. Given this problem, some states ran to shelter by establishing together with some controlling bodies able to watch over the gambling industry.

Today, online casinos are safer and available on almost all devices. We can find various examples of good casinos, one of them is Obviously, another advantage of online casinos is what you do not have to travel and travel long distances, but the cost of gasoline and sometimes even accommodation can make that online choice and then, playing from home you will not have to “undergo” strict rules or clothing, or smoking or eating ban on the tables: in front of the PC at home the player will certainly be more comfortable. One last important thing, on the web there is no obligation to tip, it does not really exist.