Recovery from spine surgery in a quick and precise manner

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Once you have gone on to avail the services of the best spine surgeon in India the first question at the back of your mind would be how soon I can recover. For all individuals suffering from spinal fusion surgery is an effective option, but the recovery poses a different challenge altogether. It is better that you know what to expect well in advance so that you return to active lifestyle as soon as possible. There are a lot of factors that does take a toll on the recovery phase.

The process

In case of most surgeries people are back on their feet within a few weeks once the surgery is over. When it is the case of larger surgeries it does take considerable degree of time to recover. The speed of recovery is dependent on a variety of factors, the levels of spine that is being operated upon, whether there is any need for fusion or not.

The day of the surgery the main objective would be proper rest. Though most patients are discharged on the same day of the surgery, in case of others they would need to stay in the hospital for a week. Then you will be able to have a control over your pain and move as well as walk freely.

As per the recommendation of the surgeon you will increase your activity levels. They could also go on to recommend physical therapy to push the process of recovery along. As part of the process of recovery exercise is a crucial phase as it helps to strength the back muscles and reduces the pain. Do pay attention to the advice of the surgeon as the general advice would be not to push you too hard.

The worst aspect of the pain would be a foregone conclusion within 4 weeks of the operation. From that point of time you will continue to increase the strength of the back muscles as per the advice prescribed by the surgeon. Though the process of recovery does depend to a large extend on the type of procedure you have gone on to opt for in the first place. Here the expert advice of a surgeon comes into the picture.

The physical condition

If you are in strong physical condition before the surgery it does help you to recover faster. Age does have a definite say but it is not the sole indicator. Certain steps like a balanced diet, refraining from drinking or smoking could go a long way to step up the process of recovery. Do discuss with your doctor if you have any concerns. They are the best person to guide you more about the surgery.

With young people they are able to recover much faster than their older counterparts as far as spine surgery evolves. There are many processes that tend to slow down with age in people. Say for example older people are known to produce less collagen that appears to be a crucial protein for tissue formation.

It is not only about age but your attitude has a role to play in determining on how soon you recover from a surgery. If you are able to cope up with the challenges, take the advice of the surgeon chin on then it goes a long way in contributing to the process of recovery.

Post-surgery recovery- Tips to heal faster

Once you begin the postoperative care, be sure to include the below mentioned pointers as part of your check list. Let us now observe the major building blocks which aids to a quick recovery from the surgical procedure

Consumption of adequate amount of protein

For proper healing process the body relies on adequate amount of protein. These are amino acids which are building blocks of muscle, strength along with basic healing. The collagen that is the essence of our basic structure is incorporated from amino acids and protein. The antibodies that wards off the various infections do need protein

Elimination of food products and refined sugars

If you keep away from flour based products and sugar, it is obvious that we can manage our blood sugar level. Foods that are rich in sugar are not only unhealthy but they suppress our immune system. For example even a single tablespoon of sugar can supress your immune system for close to 6 hours. In a 12 ounce of soda the amount of sugar can go on to supress the immune system for close to 2 weeks.

No substitute for proper sleep

After post-surgery never underestimate the power of proper sleep. Experts are of the opinion that you need around 8 hours of sleep daily. In case if you fall behind in sleep for every hour lost you will need 2 hours of sleep the next day. Not only sleep helps your body to refresh, it also improves your mood, motivation and memory. During the recovery phase of care sleep assumes to be a lot important.

Opt for nutritional supplements

Most of the masses tend to be deficient in various nutritional elements that are needed as part of healing process. Example for collagen healing vitamin C is necessary. Nearly 80 % of people are deficient in vitamin D as you are not availing the required amount of sunlight. To optimize our healing process the diet needs to be supplemented with these essential nutrients.


It means to drink water and no excuses to be offered. Drinking of tea, coffee or soda should not be confused with drinking water. With water you flush out the toxins from the body and develop a positive environment for healing and your overall wellbeing.

The recovery from back surgery does take an effort, but patients are able to make a strong comeback. The age does have a role to play on how soon you are able to recover from surgery. Following the advice of the surgeon and incorporating good lifestyle habits contributes to the recovery phase in a fast manner.