Rap as a social movement

Perhaps today no other popular music genre in the Western world confronts this dilemma as disturbingly as in the rap, emerged from a reality that is difficult to escape, even if in the dark background shines the chimera of success.

If there is currently a genre of popular music, whose dynamics reflect the speed of cultural changes, emphasizing their own contradictions, exposing the fragmentation of society in multiple and disparate points of view, and the diversity of approaches to reality, that is the rap. Rich in imagination, its center is constantly moving, from irresistible dance rhythms and torrid urban chronicles that narrate the madness of the streets without a name, to statements that reflect a politically charged environment.

An irresistible force, at the same time an artistic and social movement, today influences all layers of culture, from movies to fashion, from advertising to sports; a story that emerges from the collision between African American youth culture and the same devices and tactics of Mass Media. Rap music is, for all this, a confusing and noisy element of contemporary popular culture, which has progressively attracted significant attention. The music is even able to unite elements across continents like what Ice Prince brought in his collaboration with Vanessa Mdee. You can download Ft Vanessa Mdee Ice Prince mp3 now.

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Musicians and cultural critics celebrate the role of rap as an educational tool, note that female rappers are rare examples of aggressive pro-feminist lyricists in popular urban music, and defend the ghetto stories narrated in the genre as real life reflections, whose critics should concentrate their attention on the burning problems of racism and economic oppression, instead of questioning the obscenity contained in the songs.

On the other hand, the attention of the news media has seemed for a long time, obsessively fixed in the instances of violence and the gloomy fantasies of the so-called “gangsta rap”, or rap gang, that at least during its stage of greater exposure and commercial success in the early ’90s, it contained chronicles inspired by the raw and violent realities of the ghettos.

The conversion of hip hop of a candid revolution of urban culture (music, customs, uses of language, style and fashions), in a way to recreate chronicles of crude realism, as well as political opinion and the battle and epic proclamations of some black cultural nationalist artists, narrated in styles that paradoxically seem a mimesis of television news; they were also converted into a source of reanimation of deep social fears, in the so-called “mainstream”. Wizkid, a nigerian singer, took the conversion. Wizkid Album Download provides everything to know about how the conversion of hip hop takes place.

The media at the same time, in a mixture of unburned prejudices, exploited these topics to sell news headlines. At the same time, while rap has presented itself as an angry and furious response to the complacency of the afro bourgeoisie emerged from the era of “Black power”, proposing a radical critique of the new Afro political and cultural establishment, this attitude provoked a reaction to the defensiveness of the black establishment, which revealed not only a deep class fracture in African-American society, but also a deep fear of rap as an artistic expression that became the mainstream of contemporary African-American culture. Rap is an artistic expression and Jaiye Jaiye is one of living evidence. You can download Jaiye Jaiye by Wizkid to get the point!