Places You Should Travel to in India Before You Hit 30

Travel while you still can,lose yourself within the vast reaches of the world, live like there’s no hope for tomorrow and whatever you do, do it before you turn 30.Here’s a rundown of 50 astounding spots to visit in India for a groundbreaking experience. What are you sitting tight for? It’s an ideal opportunity to gather your sacks and set on a voyage to scratch off a couple of goals from your list. And don’t ever worry about the transport, there are multiple bikes on rent online from that one can easily get from almost all major cities. Let’s get to it then!


No travel list is complete without the mention of Goa. Unarguably, Goa must be among the initial couple of spots to visit in India in your twenties. Youthful,vivacious,astounding nightlife, assortment of liquor, shoreline shacks and bargain basement prices – Goa is just extraordinary.

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Mcleodganj offers the fantastic perspective of the Dhauladhar ranges. Experience happiness while outdoors under billions of stars with your companions in Triund. This is among one of the loveliest Indian goals for outdoors, paying no attention to which season you’re coming in.


In case you’re in your twenties, it’s a great opportunity to add Kashmir to your rundown of best places to visit in India. On the off chance that there is paradise on earth, it is Kashmir


Frightened of water? Never swam? Perhaps it’s an ideal opportunity to give a good old fashioned thumping and jump into the remote ocean and conquer the dread of water and profundities!


Without a doubt, Leh – Ladakh is on each biker’s list of spots to visit in India before they turn 30. Ride on the insane winding streets, stall out amidst no man’s land and figure out how to be autonomous on the mountains as you embrace this daring voyage.


Coorg essentially can’t be skipped from the list of awesome places to visit. A brisk escape for some from Bangalore, this entrancing hill station in Karnataka is just lovely. A visit here beyond any doubt would recuperate you and invigorate you!

Rann of Kutch

Kutch is an unquestionable requirement of a visit to take in India before you turn 30. Go to the dead zone, the occasional salt swamp in the midst of the profoundThar Desert amid the celebration where the sky wakes up with lively and larger than lifekites.


Kasol not only allows you to find another you and discover a course for yourself, but it lets you come back with encounters of a lifetime. Also, there’s no preferred place over Kasol, considered as one of the top 10 destinations in India.


Varanasi may not be on your list of destinations, but it you haven’t really experienced all of India, if you haven’t been here. Considered as one of the oldest cities in India, the delightful ghats, the aartis and petitions, a vessel ride along the quiet banks could change you until the end of time.


Ooty is a standout amongst the most prevalent and frequented occasion goals in India. Home to compelling rock mountains and hazardous twists, Ooty falls just under 300 km from Bangalore and is considered a great bike ride with away. Don’t worry about not having one though, just hop on the internet and you’ll find really good online bike rentals in Bangalore. A place that never neglects to fascinate the explorers with its enchantment, this is one spot you can’t miss!

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