Best Electric Shavers in 2018: Reviewing the Top Choices

Not able to take the call on your new purchase of cordless or corded, dry or wet electric shaver?  With so many brands putting in new trendy shavers with exciting features and prices to resist, it makes it almost impossible to decide which to pick one. Here is best electric shaver in 2018.

Braun Series 7790CC

The brand is no doubt number one topping the list. It is top choice for men when it comes to buying one. With 4 shaving features, the single shave offers to capture as much hair as possible without harming your skin. Long battery life, easy to clean feature, quick charging, light weight this shaver is entirely water proof.

Phillips Norelco Senso Touch 3D

Another leading brand in electronics doesn’t surprises if the shaver tops the list of best electric shaver in 2018. The shaver comes with unique features, offering 3 dynamic shaving where it flex outwards, tilt inwards and pivot around offering easy shaving experience. You can use on dry or wet skin offering you a non-messy smooth shaving.

Wahl 8061

If you are seeking a close shave than this is the one to go for. To start with, it comes an amazing affordable price which offers an uninterrupted shaving once for an all. It is a cordless, light in weight, capable of shaving any type of hair offering great shaving experience.

Panasonic Arc 3

High precision nanotech blades make this shaving machine stand out. This shaving machine is recommended for those who are having sensitive skin, as the blades are hypoallergenic. It is cordless and light weighted shaver which can be used for dry or wet shaving.


It is a known manufacturer and people have loved the shaving machine for all these years. It is a value for money shaver which comes with a built-in pop up trimmer; offering powerful uninterrupted shave without harming your skin.

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