My Ex Broke My Glasses and I Broke Up With Him!

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I put my alarm off before it rang and sat on my bed awake an hour early than usual. I stared at the man occupying the other side, wide and bulky, shirtless, half mouth open, drooling on my peach linen sheets. I was waking up to this sight past 4 months and for the past one it had gone from cute to nasty.

I glanced at my bookshelf saw the perfect prescription glasses he had gifted me,that lay steady at the same space, went straight to get coffee, dressed for work and left without a goodbye. I’d see him in the evening sprawled on my couch anyway. I was an hour early and decided to walk instead of the tube, I could do with some calm silence again this week. I walked past the park and remembered how Gary and I had met over our morning run. His perfectly sculpted body, broad shoulders and masculinity flexing through his grey sweatshirt had me fallen in love at first sight. We laughed, talked, went for dinners and moved in together post a week of nonchalant romance.

Soon after Gary’s real estate work depiction was out in open, his fake client calls stopped, he stopped stepping out for pretentious work and usually ate out of my fridge,drank my hidden wine and suspiciously increased my phone bill. I knew my innocent ever believing petite self had fallen prey to this act. I fell outta love just as fast as I fell into it. I reached work, stayed longer than required and took a tube home uninterested. I unlocked the door and went straight in my bedroom to run a bath, I glanced at my shelf as a habit and noticed my perfect pair of prescription glasses had a glass broken. Even though I stopped wearing them, they were a rare pair and I did love them regardless of Gary. Before I could question, Gary walked up behind me and said “Yeah, I dropped those while grabbing a book, you don’t wear them anyways ” that’s all the trigger I needed and all that suppressed anger came out in a go. “That’s it Gary, you have to leave” I started picking up his belongings ” Now” I said firmly. Those glasses were waiting to be worn so had my pride.

Just like those perfect glasses I broke my stance and stepped up. I slammed the door on his back as he walked out, poured a glass of wine, put on my Mac to get myself an immediate new pair of glasses online to renew my style and pay my patience.