Longarm Quilting Designs and Ideas

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If you are looking for a wonderful way of finishing your quilt, longarm quilting can turn out to be a great option. There was a time when learning this kind of quilting was not a very feasible option for passionate quilters. But, these days, it has become very easy for everyone to rent longarm quilting machines from quilt shops and there are also plenty of used machines that you can find in the market. When you have made up your mind about longarm quilting, it might be a good idea to think about some good quilting designs and ideas to try.

You can start with some fun options that range from easy and simple straight lines to gentle swirls and circles. You can keep an eye out for ideas wherever you go, whether it is in nature, in architecture, in home goods, in clothing, in your doodles and in your surroundings. Bear in mind that in order to bring your designs to life, you have to have a good muscle memory because this can help you achieve fluid shapes and smooth curves. You can also make use of quilting templates in order to get better at long term quilting.

There is an option of using traditional quilting templates i.e. pantographs for stitching the quilt design onto the fabric. A pantograph is a roll of paper that has a quilting motif. This method is popular amongst quilters who like to perform the process, but prefer to have a pattern laid out for them. Nowadays, there is also the option of using a digital quilting template and the type you use can depend on the capability of your longarm machine. You can go for edge to edge templates, which are quite straightforward, but there are other options such as block and border templates also available.

Outlined below are some simple designs for every beginner longarm quilter:

  • Loops: These are quite simple and you can start by practicing loops on paper and should go back and forth in every direction. You can make the loops small and close together or go for a spread out and large design that can cover an entire quilt.
  • Swirls: Another easy idea for even a novice at longarm quilting is this one. Yes, you may have to work a little bit more in order to learn this design, which means that practicing on paper is essential. Similar to loops, you can make swirls in different sizes, depending on the area that needs to be covered.
  • Pebbles: Small circles that are grouped together and are very easy to quilt are called pebbles. They can come in handy when you are looking for fillers for modern quilts and can look great when combined with other quilting designs like simple straight lines.
  • Flowers: Another good choice that beginner longarm quilters can use is flowers as they can be small or big, with swirls and loops joining them together. You can make every flower different to add a fun element to the overall design.