Life After A DUI: What To Expect & How To Move On

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It’s Friday night, you and your friends are out celebrating the end of a busy work week, by having a few drinks at your local bar. After a couple of drinks, you’re ready to call it a night and head home. You feel perfectly capable of driving as you get in your car and drive home. And then it happens, you get pulled over and charged with a DUI in Springfield. Now what?

If you’re like most people, a DUI charge is the first time you’ve ever been arrested or given a ticket for something more than just a seatbelt ticket. Getting your first DUI charge can be an emotional and frightening event in your life, especially if you’re unsure of what to expect. For some, this can even feel like the end of your freedom, but it’s not. 

DWI Springfield explains that while being charged in Springfield for driving while intoxicated is a serious crime, if convicted of this crime there are still ways that you can move forward in your life. Yes, there will be fines and even possible jail time, but some of the heaviest   are the long-term consequences that go hand-in-hand with a DUI conviction. Read on for more information about the consequences of a DUI conviction along with tips and ideas that can help you in the future to regain control of your life.

If you are currently facing charges for a DUI, contact our law office in Springfield, MO today. A DUI conviction may not ruin your life, but it will definitely create more challenges than before. We can help you to avoid these obstacles. 

Life After A DUI: Long-Term Consequences

License Suspension/Revocation 

Being convicted of a DUI will most likely result in your license being suspended for a minimum of 180 days. Repeat offenders should expect their driving privileges to be revoked for at least two years, if not more. Some people may have the option to drive their vehicle as long as it has been outfitted with an ignition interlock device (IID) for a certain period of time. The impact of this penalty is somewhat obvious, without a license you won’t be able to drive to work, events, school, etc. Alternative transportation will be required if you plan on leaving your house.

Professional and Personal Relationships

Unfortunately, professional and personal relationships will often become strained even if you’re charged with a DUI in Springfield, without being convicted. Some circumstances of a DUI may be leaked to the local news, thus potentially spreading to your friends, family, coworkers, etc. Additionally, a DUI arrest may cost you your job. 

Child Custody

If you’ve been recently arrested or convicted of a DUI during the course of a divorce case or before entering into a child custody case, your chances of getting child custody will diminish greatly. Many judges in Springfield will see driving while intoxicated as a reason that a parent may be deemed “unfit” to have full custody of your children. 

Future Employment

Not only will a DUI conviction impact your current job, but searching for a job in the future with a DUI conviction on your back will be somewhat challenging. Many employers are wary of job applicants with a DUI on their record. This is why most employers require background checks.Furthermore, you may not be eligible for employment opportunities that require you to drive a company vehicle. 

Insurance Rates

Once you are convicted of a DUI in Springfield, points will be added to your driver’s license and your auto insurance rates will increase. This is because many insurance agencies will now consider you to be a “high-risk” driver. In some cases, insurance companies have also been known to terminate coverage entirely. 

Life After A DUI: Moving Forward

Support Groups

Being arrested for a DUI doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suffering from alcoholism but it may mean that you need to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol. There are many free support groups such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) that you may want to consider. However, if you find that AA is not a good fit for you there are alternative options that may help. These include volunteer groups, rehab, counseling, therapy, etc. 


While you may have a perfectly fine relationship with alcohol, a Springfield DUI charge may point to larger, more significant personal issues that are going on. Therapy or counseling is an excellent option for many people who have been charged with a DUI and may even be required by the courts as part of your sentencing. Entering into counseling sooner, rather than later can also potentially reduce your sentence. Discuss your options with a DUI attorney in Springfield today. 


Try New Hobbies

According to this article from USA Today, if you were charged with a DUI, it may be time to consider getting a new hobby that doesn’t include consuming alcohol. Some hobbies they suggest include, but are not limited to:

  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Get involved with choir
  • Pickup up an old hobby that you dropped in high school
  • Learn to sew
  • Start hiking
  • Take up tap dancing
  • Search for your dream job

Hire a DUI Attorney

Whether it’s your first or fifth DUI arrest in Springfield, hiring a competent DUI attorney is always in your best interest. A DUI attorney will provide you ongoing legal council and will help to explain the process along the way. During your trial, our attorney will work to reduce or even eliminate the charges you are facing. In addition to legal counsel, an attorney can provide emotional support and get you in touch with groups or counselors. 

If you are facing DUI charges or have been convicted of a DUI in Springfield and are looking to expunge your DUI, contact DWI Springfield today.  Our team has  handled thousands of criminal cases. Call us anytime to discuss your situation.


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