LED Kitchen Taps Buying Guide

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The LED kitchen tap is a hard-working family essential that always has to be at its best. Whether you re planning an entire kitchen or utility room refit, refreshing a few key areas or just making a quick repair it has to be durable and hard-wearing when suiting your kitchen s demands.

To do this, many clever new features are introduced to assist busy families in saving time on regular tasks. Thankfully, these exciting innovations don t mean compromising on style, as the kitchen tap also provides the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen.

So, whether you want something classic and traditional, or a tap that is more contemporary and on-trend, our wide assortment of taps offer an assortment of styles, finishes, and features to make the ideal addition to your kitchen.

Let s get started.

Before you begin

To get the best performance from a new faucet, it’s crucial to choose one that suits your home s water pressure. In case you have a low-pressure water system, a tap designed to operate at this pressure will help to ensure a steady flow of water. Or if you ‘ve got a high water pressure system, you ‘ll be able to go for a few innovative features to get your kitchen working harder for you.

To help identify the water pressure system in your home and know how this affects your choice of kitchen taps, head to our helpful guide.

The first thing to consider is the body of the faucet, and your kitchen sink determines your choice. Our sinks have predrilled holes for the tap(s) either one or two so be sure that your tap has the same number of holes as your sink).

One tap hole

If you have a single tap hole, the next tap options are available:

Monobloc taps these have a single spout, with the flow of water controlled by either one or two handles.

One handle known as single lever taps, these are offered in two types:

Top levers – move up and down to turn on and off, and swivel from side to side for hot and cold

Side levers – pull out and push in to turn on and off, and then turn back and forwards for hot and cold

Single lever taps are often sleek and modern in their design and can be a fantastic choice when space is tight. They can easily be used with one hand, so work well in busy kitchens.

Two handles – known as twin lever taps, their handles can be lever, cross or knob-shaped, and might offer a quarter, half or full turn. They re a versatile choice available in traditional or contemporary styles.

Two tap holes

With two tap holes, you can choose between one or two spouts:

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps come in pairs, with a single tap used to control the cold and another to control the hot water supply. They re a great budget option, and are available with lever, cross or knob-shaped handles to match your kitchen style.

Deck/Bridge mixer taps

Deck mixers use two tap holes but have one spout. Bridge mixer taps are similar; only instead of the mixer section sitting flush to the surface of the sink, the spout is raised above the surface, giving a bridging effect.