Keep your uniform looking good for longer

Image result for Keep your uniform looking good for longerMany professions require you to dress up in appropriate work uniform. Your dressing leaves an impression of your competence and professionalism. You therefore need to look sharp every day of the week. It does not matter whether you love wearing Riverside uniforms, you need to keep it looking good to avoid looking untidy at work. To keep your uniform looking good for longer, follow these simple tips.

Washing uniform
The first wash is important to preserve the color of the uniform and they should therefore be washed skillfully. If there is a stain use hot water to wash off the stain and kill bacteria as well, hand wash the Riverside uniforms in warm water and detergent. Continue hand washing until the color stops bleeding into the water. You can switch to cold water after about 12 washes. Avoid using bleach at all costs. If you choose hand wash on the washing machine, make sure you remove the clothes right after the cycle is complete. This is because wet clothes tend to wrinkle, and the color could bleed.

After washing you need to dry the uniform. There are two options, you can either choose to throw it in the dryer or you could hang it. Most prefer using the dryer because it takes longer. However, it is advisable to hang the uniform. By hanging it you will look crisp and you do not need to worry about wrinkles on your uniform.

Ironing and starching
Many professions such as the police force require a smooth and stiff look. Before you can iron, check the material if it should be ironed to avoid the risk of scorching or melting the material. If you have to wear sporting uniform, you probably don’t have to iron it. If the material your uniform is made of wrinkles easily use starch. When using starch keep in mind that the more starch you use the stiffer your uniform will be. Apply just enough starch to avoid discomfort.

You put a lot of effort into ensuring that you properly clean the uniform and that it is ironed right to avoid wrinkles. If it is improperly stored, all the effort you put into washing and ironing will go to waste. Store the uniform in a dry and clean place. Avoid storing them in areas with high humidity and strong odors.  You should preferably hand your uniform however you can choose to neatly fold it.

Work uniform might seem like a lot of effort but in the end it will be worth it when you turn up to work in clean neat clothes. Take your time to look presentable at work.