It’s 2018 but Office Stationery is Still Relevant as Ever

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Gone are the days when people used reams of paper for official communications and records. Today official correspondence is all through emails and as for meetings, everything is recorded on video and apps are used for scribing the notes.

Smartphones and tablets have taken over with voice assistants to enable dictation for note-taking and all documents are stored virtually in drives or on the Cloud. Does this mean that office stationery is gone forever?

No, definitely not. For offices, stationery is still relevant as ever in 2018. Customized office stationery is still demand in corporate circles throughout the world and these are the reasons.

Reasons why Office Stationery is Still Relevant as Ever

  1. For upholding the corporate image

Office stationery is the physical representation of the company’s image in the form of visiting cards, letterheads, envelopes. All these stationery items bear the company’s name and logo boldly.  This is why stationery items for the office must be creatively designed and carefully printed to project the company’s image prominently. Official stationery symbolizes the company’s persona and vouches for the credibility of the Company.

  1. For records

All official correspondence cannot be just through email. Contracts, documents, agreements, tenders and notices need to be in physical form requiring the use of official stationery. All important correspondences need to be held as physical documents for the purpose of records and reference. Legal documentation is not valid unless it is in physical form either. This clearly establishes the need for physical printed stationery without any doubt.

  1. For contact

A Company’s contact information is found printed on all its stationery. Details of registered and branch offices, their addresses and phone numbers and website links are mentioned clearly on all its letterheads, envelopes and business cards. So office stationery becomes the point of contact for a Company.

  1. For business promotion

Sales and marketing promotion also use custom-printed office stationery  to create brand awareness and appeal. Attractively printed business cards when circulated, tend to draw attention to the company. Creative letterheads create interest while envelopes trigger an urge to now what lies within.

Visiting cards when designed innovatively can create enough business promotion and this is why they are a handy accessory to most salesmen and medical representatives.

  1. As souvenirs

Company letterheads with important information are often preserved as souvenirs. Even emails cannot match this feeling of nostalgia that these evoke. Employees and clients still preserve some visiting cards for old times’ sake. Stationery sometimes becomes a souvenir to be cherished if printed innovatively.

Why Office stationery scores over company emails?

  • Emails may well be the next step to extra-intelligence but stationery offers a “stay-put” feel that is hard to beat. Stationery has a more lasting and enduring quality which gives an element of credibility to the company.
  • When compared to the virtual nature of emails, stationery gives a tactile satisfaction that is unmatched. The urge to feel the texture of the paper, run your fingers over the lettering and drink in the colours and fonts of stationery – this is irresistible.
  • Dozens of emails may be sent but most of them land in the spam or trash. But any letter on a Company letterhead and enclosed in an envelope is never left ignored. The opening rate of official mails is more than emails and this requires the use of office stationery.
  • The element of creativity is more clearly expressed in the colours of the stationery than on any mail. People just love to look at colours in print and scan the images physically.

Even in the email era, office stationery is as relevant as ever. There is no doubt about it as long as you use the right print specialist to print it creatively and artistically.