How to Take Care of Dentures

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Taking care of your dentures is essential for the health of your mouth. It’s also beneficial, so you don’t waste money on a pair of dentures you can’t use. By ordering a few online dental supplies, you can protect your mouth and use your dentures for years to come. 

Always Brush and Rinse Dentures Daily

Toothpaste is too abrasive for your dentures because it can cause tiny scratches where food and plaque can accumulate. Generally, you want to purchase a soft-bristled brush to remove plaque and food. You want to brush every part of your dentures and always rinse your mouth out when you’re done. 

Handles with Care

You don’t want to drop your dentures. Because they soak in fluid, they become slippery, which puts you at risk for dropping them. To avoid an accident, you should stand over a folded towel or a sink full of water, so even if you drop them, you won’t damage them. 

Use a Denture Cleaner

Purchase a case from an online dental supplies store and fill it each night with the fluid you purchase. Remember, you can’t soak your dentures in an abrasive substance. You may use a hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid to clean your dentures if you need further cleansing. Always avoid bleach and other similar substances. 

Keeping Dentures Moist

You must always keep your dentures moist. When you take them out, you must place them in a fluid to soak such as a soaking solution or in plain water if you don’t have a soaking solution. Never place them in hot water because you could cause them to warp. Always places them in a cold fluid. You could ruin your dentures if they dry out or lose their shape. 

Repairing Dentures

Never repair or adjust a pair of dentures on your own. While you might think you’re saving yourself money by doing it yourself, you could damage your dentures beyond repair. You shouldn’t even bend the clasp or metal attachments because it has the ability to weakened the metal portion of your dentures. Avoid over-the-counter glues since they can contain harmful chemicals. 

Negatives of Improper Dental Care

You could find yourself with a serious mouth infection if you don’t take care of your dentures. Improperly maintained dentures could cause irritation and sores on the gums and throughout the mouth. It’s possible you’ll break your dentures. Even a break, crack or chip could affect your oral health. You could even lose a tooth in your dentures if you don’t take necessary precautions like keeping your dentures clean.