How to Sell Your Junk Car to a Wrecking Yard?

Like the idea of getting rid of your junk car to save the environment, and earn a little cash while you do it? If you sell your junk car to Express Car Removals, you will be pleased to know that our process is simple.

Below is a step by step guide to selling your junk car for cash to the wrecking yard

  1.  Remove your personal items from your vehicle

Do you have a habit of leaving stuff behind in your car? Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of, we all do it. However, make sure you have removed everything that belongs to you if you are selling your junk car to a wrecking yard. Check thoroughly because the car and its contents will belong to the wrecking yard once you sell the Car.

  1.   Secure the Car Title

Ensure that you have a valid title for the vehicle to sell your junk car to a wrecking yard. When the tow truck driver arrives, make sure that you are prepared to transfer ownership to the junkyard.

  1.   Remove Valuable Parts

Look around the car prior to accepting any quotes from junk car buyers. To get you more money remove any parts that you believe can be sold separately, such as GPS system, cooling system, windshield wiper arms, an audio system, car battery, tires, windows, doors, exhaust etc.

  1.   Use up the Fuel

If there is any fuel left in your tank now is the time to get out there and drive your junk car for that last spin.

  1.   Take off the Plates

Remove the license plate from your junk car before selling it as Cash for Cars.

  1.   Contact a Junk Car Buyer

Contact a local junk car buyer and ask for a quote. Schedule an appointment for removal if you like what they have quoted you.

  1.   Be There During the Removal

Be there during the junk car removal to transfer ownership and to receive your cash payment on the spot.

Wrecking yards are helpful to not only car owners but to the environment as well.

WA Car Removals follow the wrecking process in compliance with government regulations to help Australia recycle more than 90 percent of junk cars. Contact WA Car Removals to get rid of an old, wrecked, damaged car. We are your local car buyer so contact us now to get the process started ASAP.