How to recharge on the go in Delhi

sing a prepaid phone connection in Delhi? We tell you how to recharge it on the go.

Delhi is a vibrant, exciting city full of colour, great food, excellent sightseeing opportunities and good weather. The average Delhi resident enjoys a good work-life balance, working hard at the office all day and then letting their hair down after work. But whether you are at work or out and about with friends, you need to be connected to the world with a good mobile phone connection.

Are you a prepaid phone user? If you are, then you must recharge the phone often. The recharge can be quick or tough depending on your service provider. Leading providers like Airtel have simplified the online prepaid recharge process to a great extent. Wherever you may be in Delhi, you can recharge online quickly in just a few minutes.

If you are recharging an Airtel number…

* Access the Airtel website. Once you log on to the Airtel website, you can change the prepaid recharge options to those of Delhi city. Every city or circle has different plans, so change the option to Delhi before you begin.

You can do this via both your laptop and smartphone (which can access the desktop version of the site). You will now see available plans for Delhi – currently, there are four options at different prices and validity. You can choose from between these plans: Rs 199 (28 days validity), Rs 399 (70 days), Rs 448 (82 days) and Rs 509 (90 days). All these plans offer 1.4 GB and 100 SMS per day, apart from unlimited calling. Input your 10-digit number, choose the prepaid recharge pack you want, and proceed to pay for the pack as directed.

* From the myAirtel app. Airtel’s smartphone app is super convenient for use as well. Just download the app on your phone if you have not done so, and start on the online prepaid recharge process. The app offers step by step prepaid recharge directions. Input your 10-digit Airtel number, and proceed with the recharge as prompted. You can choose your preferred payment method and complete the recharge – the connection can be used as before. Also, Airtel offers cashback and good discounts for prepaid recharge using their app. The best part of the myAirtel app is that it helps to recharge non-Airtel numbers also. The app offers the most convenient recharge interface since all you need is a smartphone to complete the process, at any time and from anywhere.

* Using an e-commerce site or third party payment app. Sites like Amazon also offer prepaid recharge options. You may get cashback on recharging your number, whether it is Airtel or another provider. Meanwhile, you can use the BHIM app which is a UPI-enabled interface for quick online prepaid recharge. The advantage of using the BHIM app is that it can be used offline as well. This is convenient for those who use basic handsets and not Internet-enabled smartphones. The recharge is done quickly in real time and with minimum cost to you.