Home air conditioners can be a blessing. Being able at the touch of a button, to be able to automatically cool your home can be a lifesaver on the warmest of days.

Many of us depend on our air conditioners to provide us with a comfortable environment so that our families can relax. But we often take our air conditioning unit for granted, thinking that it will always function properly and never give us a problem. It is certainly true that high quality residential air conditioners have built a reputation for reliability. In fact they are thought to be the most dependable appliances in our homes. But they are also the most expensive in terms of the amount of electricity they use. For this reason we need to constantly look at how we can get the most out of our home air conditioners. Here are some tips to help you.

Purchase a New and More Efficient Model

You probably purchased your current air conditioner a decade ago or longer and during that time it has provided you with good service. But over the last several years, its efficiency and effectiveness seems to be diminishing. This is to be expected, because whether it is a ductless or ducted air conditioner, the unit has a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years.

During the latter part of its life, you’ll find that it will require more maintenance and deliver less high quality air into your home. It will also stay on longer and seem to be working harder. This change in quality will cost you more money on electricity as the unit attempts to deliver the cooling you are requesting. This is the time to purchase a new air conditioning unit.

New home air conditioners are not only much more efficient than the ones they replace, there are now a range of residential air conditioners that fit your specific needs. Perhaps you require a reverse cycle air conditioner that can also provide heating for your home. A multi split system air conditioner will allow you to cool several rooms with one condenser unit. This type of unit allows for more flexibility in cooling different rooms in your home. No matter which unit you choose, it will have advanced features including smart thermostats and variable speed fans giving you greater control over how each room is cooled. By purchasing a new and more efficient model you get better cooling and save money too.

Stick to the Service Schedule

Air conditioner manufacturers provide a maintenance schedule for the unit you have purchased. The schedule is designed to check all important areas of your air conditioning system during specific time intervals and to replace parts that may be wearing down. Many homeowners do not keep to the manufacturer maintenance schedule because there is typically cost for each maintenance visit. However this cost is insurance to protect your very expensive air conditioning unit. A service person will stop or discover any potential problems early and before they become catastrophic. This is a small price to pay for keeping your family cool any day of the year.

Follow this advice to always keep your family cool and comfortable at the touch of a button.