Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to obtain or maintain a strong enough erection for having sexual intercourse. This condition is quite normal in men, especially those with stress problems. More frequent erectile dysfunction can be a sign of health problems requiring treatment. It can also be a sign of emotional or relationship problems that the professional may need to handle.

Not all male sexual problems are caused by erectile dysfunction. Other male sexual problems include:

*Premature ejaculation

*Delay or absence of ejaculation

*Lack of sexual desire

Treatment and Natural Herbs

For some men, natural remedies can help treat ED. You need to talk to your doctor before trying new supplements or herbs. You should also be cautious when buying supplements and herbs as many are not controlled by the authorities, which means they may contain additional ingredients that are not listed under the safe list of foods and herbs, especially that comes in the form of pills and capsules.

According to some studies, the following herbs and supplements have been shown to have different levels of success for ED treatment:

  1. L-arginine – helps in improvement of sexual function
  2. Panax Ginseng (red ginseng) – The action of Panax ginseng appears to be suitable for those with high lipids in their blood and metabolic syndrome. This herb is known to have anti-inflammatory action, improve lung function, and improve blood flow in other diseases — all characteristics that may reduce ED.
  3. Rhodiola Rosea – Based on study, this herb can help to improve energy and reduce fatigue.
  4. Acupuncture – Based on study in 1999, it can improve the quality of erections and restores sexual activity.
  5. Muira Puama
  6. Tongkat ali
  7. Catuaba
  8. Maca

Other alternative therapies thought to help ED include zinc supplements (especially for men who are low in zinc), the herb ashwagandha (also called Indian ginseng), and ginkgo biloba, but more studies are needed to know with certainty.

Lifestyle Changes

1) Maintain healthy weight and lifestyle

A diet based primarily on fatty foods, with very few fruits and vegetables included, will be more likely to cause a decrease in blood circulation in the body. Wellness for this unhealthy weight may contribute to a person suffering from Type II diabetes and this condition can increase your chance of getting impotence. By maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle, men can reduce their risk of being affected by erectile dysfunction.

2) Treating disease and its risk factors

High cholesterol, heart disease and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus are condition that can cause impotence in men. Treating these diseases and taking control over their causes, patients can reduce their chances of prolonged erection problems.

3) Avoid smoking and heavy drinking

Smoking leads to narrowing of the arteries in the body, which reduces blood flow. By reducing blood flow to arteries on the penis, the sufferer is reducing their chances of getting and maintaining an erection.  Too much alcohol also a risk factor for developing erectile dysfunction.

If you have symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it is important to check it with your doctor before trying any treatments on your own. This is because ED can be a sign of other health problems. For instance, heart disease or high cholesterol could cause ED symptoms. With a diagnosis, your doctor could recommend a number of steps that would likely improve both your healthiness of the heart and your ED. These steps include lowering your cholesterol, reducing your weight, or taking medications to unclog your blood vessels.

If other health issues are not found to be the cause of your ED, your doctor will likely prescribe some common treatments. However, you may also choose natural options — just be sure to discuss them with your doctor first.

Whichever route you take, keep in mind that ED is a common condition that is very treatable. With some trial and error, you are likely to find a treatment that works for you and your partner.If you choose to take herbs, be sure to get them from a reliable source.

In conclusion, erectile dysfunction is a common disease among men but is rarely said by the patient himself. You can talk to online doctor if you feel shy about this problem. Patients should be open-minded and come to get the right views and treatment from the doctors. Treatment of erectile dysfunction does not depend only on medication, but begins with the individual itself in practicing a healthy way of life and controlling existing chronic diseases. For more information regarding erectile dysfunction, you can visit this website https://www.doctoroncall.com.my/mens-health/erectile-dysfunction-sexologist-in-kuala-lumpur