Hair Transplantation in Young Patients Plus the Correctable Hair Loss Classes

Hair transplantation is the finale when it comes to hair loss or baldness solutions. With that, a number of young patients, basically under the age of 26 opt to undergo a hair transplant as early as this.   

Although the hair transplant techniques and approaches remain similar in young and older patients, it is quite important to know this;

  • Getting a hair transplant as early as 25 doesn’t combat hair loss.
  • A patient will definitely undergo a second surgery in years to come.
  • Obtaining standard results requires a totally experienced hair transplant surgeon.
  • Results may not be up to mark as your hair loss maturity isn’t known.
  • A patient must have realistic expectations.

Common Patterns of Hair Loss in Young Patients

There are at least 3 patterns of hair loss/baldness forms in young patients and they include;

  • Receding Hair Line & the Temporal Regions

This type of hair loss occurs in the temporal regions, formats the hairline, and also develops gradually to the crown and top regions of the scalp. This form of hair loss or baldness significantly affects the patient’s appearance. In this case, a patient will require at least 3,450 grafts and their quality significantly matters.

It should also be noted that in case a high density is used for covering the frontal and crown regions, the future balding regions may not be supported by the donor region.

  1. The Receding Top, Crown Region, & The Back Portion

Realistically, this form of hair loss or baldness requires caution and expertise. This definitely applies to all age groups. The patient’s scalp must totally be evaluated and in some cases, there are chances that a hair transplant may be sidelined.

In case you are an ideal candidate, the surgeon may utilize body hair to create a mature hairline, but the fact remains that you may remain with a low density. Over 4,000 grafts may be required since some grafts are extracted from the body, this may escalate your surgery cost.

For extreme cases of hair loss like this, an overview of the hair transplant cost in India is estimated to be Rs. 85, 000. The extraction rate per graft significantly determines a patient’s hair transplant cost.

  1. Hair Loss in the Temporal Regions

This is an early pattern of hair loss commonly witnessed on the temples. In case a hair transplant is sought, both the patient and the surgeon must be vigilant since there are higher chances of experiencing a receding hairline after the surgery. There are also chances that the transplanted hair in the temporal areas may also fall out which can give an awkward look. Similarly, undergoing a hair transplant in the future may not yield the desired results.

Technical Approaches to Hair Transplantation in Young Patients

Men of all age groups seek hair transplantation as an ultimate solution to baldness. However, there are a variety of concerns that must be followed in each patient. For a quality hair transplant in India, especially for the younger patients, these play a big role;

  • An advanced hair transplant centre   
  • The level and maturity of your hair loss
  • The surgeon’s expertize in creating natural hairlines
  • A prediction of the final results.