Going Away? Choose Dog Day Care for Your Pet

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You will be moving away for work for a few weeks or maybe you have a long holiday coming up and you will not be home to take care of your pet. What should you do with her? This is a question that pet owners have to grapple with from time to time and coming to a decision is never easy. Our pets are part of our families and leaving them in the hands of strangers while we are away can be gut-wrenching. The least you can do is find her a safe place to stay while you are gone where she will be cared for and loved and where you can call in to check on her any time you want. That place is a dog day care facility.

Many dog day care facilities only take dogs for the day while their owners are at work but if you look carefully you will find a few in your neighborhood that have boarding facilities for pets. You shouldn’t settle on the first one that you come across – make sure to check on the following details before you hand over your dog:

Free range or caged?

Some boarding dog care facilities leave animals caged for the duration of their stay. This can be sad and limiting for a dog that is used to moving around. You should look into what kind of setting the center has for dogs that have to stay with them a while. The best dog day care centers separate their facilities into different areas to accommodate dogs of different sizes, ages and temperaments. Dogs are never caged unless they are a danger to others. During the day they can run around and play in the play area and at night each dog gets a comfortable bed to sleep on.


Your dog needs to eat round, nutritious meals while you are away. You need to find out what dogs are fed at the place that you have in mind for dog boarding. Some dogs aren’t picky and will eat anything but there are some that are fussy and would rather starve than eat what they don’t like. If you have a sensitive dog buy her food and bring it along when you check her into dog day care. If there are any routines associated with meal times make sure that the dog care facility manager knows what they are.

Will your dog be loved?

While you may think your pet is irresistible not everyone is of the same opinion. Some day care facilities are more like shelters – dogs are housed and fed but get no human contact or attention at all. It is better to pay more for a doggie day care where your dog will be around people who will love and pamper her. Not only won’t she feel your absence so much, you will also have peace of mind.

Are the facilities clean?

Some dog day care centers are not well tended – you may find feces, urine and bad smells hanging about. Leaving your pet in such conditions could get her sick. You should take a tour of any facility you have in mind and see for yourself how well kept it is. If you are not happy with even just a few aspects you shouldn’t take any chances – your pet up may end up being miserable.

Does your get to exercise?

All dogs need at least one workout a day or they will grow stiff and bored and may even get sick. Check your dog into a facility that is keen on making sure that dogs get some exercise at least once a day. Not only is it excellent for their overall health, it also helps them sleep better at night.

Lastly, choose a healthy hound playground that is affordable – some are very expensive as they cater to animals of the rich.  

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