For Reliable Van Hire in Essex Use Scenic Self Drive!

Whether you’re thinking of moving items from your old house to a new one or you just need something that you can trust will get you to where you need to be while you do something else on the road, a van hire Essex that provides self-drive capabilities should be at the top of your list. There are a lot of benefits from using a vehicle that can drive itself to your destination.

Scenic Self Drive has proven to be at the top of the van rentals in Essex due to the high quality yet affordable rates that you’re provided with. You will have a selection of vans to choose from ranging from small vans for you and a couple of items to larger vans that can seat 3 and carry a 1200 Kg load.

Things To Remember

Before you call a van hire Essex to rent yourself a van, there are things that you should keep in mind.

Know Your Load

It’s important that you know the weight of the items that you’re going to put in the van. This will give you an idea on what van to rent and how much space you’re going to need. The last thing that you want to do is get a van that’s too big or too small and risk paying too much for something that you aren’t able to use efficiently.

Prepare Your Documentation

Contact Scenic Self Drive and ask for all the documentation that will be required of you before and on the day that you receive the rental van. Prepare these documents to minimize the amount of time that you have to spend waiting for verification and processing. Documents needed may include your most recent utility bill and your driver’s license.

Knowing Which Van to Rent

At Scenic Self Drive, you have a selection of vans to choose from. Below are some of the featured vans that you can get and their specifications:

Small Van: Peugeot Partner with 625 Kg load capacity

SWB Medium Van: VW Transporter with 875 Kg load capacity

Medium Auto Van: Ford Custom with 950 Kg load capacity

Medium 6-Seater Van: Ford Custom with tow bar and roof rack

Large 3.2 metre Van with 1400 Kg load capacity

Jumbo 4.2 metre Van with 1090 Kg load capacity

Luton 4 metre Van with 1200 Kg load capacity and 500 Kg tail lift

It should be noted that any specific model may be subject to change to something similar in specifications. It’s always better if you enquire directly through the Scenic Self Drive website contact form or through the hotline to get the quote depending on the van you’re interested in and what you need it for.

Why Scenic Self Drive?

Unlike other van rentals, Scenic Self Drive prides itself on providing these benefits:

Full Insurance Coverage

Replacement Van for Accidents

Various Accessories Available on Demand

Experienced Staff Trained in Various Van Operations
If you are looking for a dependable van hire Essex, get in touch with Scenic Self Drive. We offer a wide range of vans for hire at affordable prices.