Drink Darjeeling White Tea – Enjoy the Ecstasy of Flavor and Aroma

There are different types of teas in the world. But nothing can match the delicacy and elegance of the Darjeeling white tea. It is a beverage that is mostly rejoiced by the enthusiasts and is known for its distinctive muscatel flavor and traditional golden whitish color. Yes, it is a rare tea that is not available in abundance – thanks to the special season and the unique processing methods!

Why is it unique?

The new, downy leaves and unopened buds are plucked to make this beverage. Only sometimes, the next few leaves are plucked. That is the reason it is rare and is available in a very less quantity as other variants. You can know this beverage from its pale golden liquor that characterizes a nutty flavor. There is plethora of health benefits of drinking this unique beverage. It is one of the main reasons that there has recently been a spike in the demand for this beverage.

Darjeeling white in history

Before you buy white tea, you must make it a point to know a bit about its history. It is produced in the Himalayan region, especially in this place since the middle of the 19th century. Today, there are more than a hundred gardens from where leaves are collected for making this special beverage.

Have you heard of the popular Chinese Silver Needle tea? This Indian white tea online you are purchasing is compared to that. The leaves collected still contain the fine downy hairs, which gives the pale silver color to the beverage.

Even though you buy white tea in India which is considered to be the descendants of the Chinese Camellia Sinesis, the land, the temperature, and the climate of the region have imparted a distinctive taste and flavor to the tea. The region where this particular beverage is grown is perpetually dry, humid, and sunny with seasonal monsoon rains and a loamy soil. Thus, a perfect blend of conditions is achieved to give this tea a unique flavor and taste.

Processing this beverage

The white variant you buy is from the plants that are allowed to grow slowly, thus making this beverage rare and tasteful. The leaves are then handpicked in the first flush from late February or early March to mid-April. Thus, the leaves picked are delicate and floral. The second flush of white tea is harvested from late May to June. The second flush has a muscatel flavor that is refreshing and unique.

After the harvesting, the leaves are rolled by hand and left to wither in the sun. Sun drying followed by a soft heating leads to prevention of oxidation of the leaves. Thus, the authentic taste and the flavors are preserved. Moreover, the goodness is also maximum.

So, now you should not face any difficulty while you buy white tea. Knowledge about the process as well as the flavors and colors would definitely help to choose the best quality tea from the gardens of the hill station.

Summary: Before you buy white tea you must understand the processing as well as the history. It will help you to choose better and you will not make the mistake of paying exorbitantly for the wrong variants.