Don’t Make These Simple Mistakes With Direct Mail Marketing

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If used effectively, direct mail marketing can be a powerful and impactful way of connecting with audiences and targeted customers. Being an old strategy, there are many things you can learn from others. Below, we have pointed out a few mistakes that brands and marketing mistakes have made over the years.

  • Starting without thought

Jumping into a marketing campaign without thinking of the consequences is probably the most serious mistake one can make. Ask the two very basic questions – What’s the purpose of the campaign? What response do we expect from the customers? If you can find the answers, hire the best direct mail services and plan your campaign.

  • Having unrealistic expectations

The whole process of planning, approving, and executing a direct mail campaign can be a long one. It is important to have an idea of what could go wrong. There can be issues with the layout, choice of printing materials, images, printing techniques and postal services, which must be accounted for. Allow your marketing team to take risk and ask them the best and worst that can happen.

  • Complex direct mail

At the end of the day, the purpose of direct mail marketing is to evoke interest and call to action, but if you end up designing a complex mail, you leave room for confusion. Your customers should know what’s expected of the mail – They may like it, dislike it, can use the coupons and offers, or can simply choose to ignore the package. Keep things simple!

  • Opting for heavy mail

Consider the cost of dispatching the mail in the first place. While you don’t have to compromise on the paper quality, finish and design of the final product, do try for ways to reduce the weight. In a bid to creativity, marketing agencies often forget that ROI is key to the success of the campaign. Try and understand what the final product may weight and look like.

  • Not focusing on the layout

What may seem great on the screen may not feel the same on paper. It can happen because the printing systems differ and vary, and there can be errors when thousands of parts are working together. To avoid mistakes on the layout, get a sample, even if that costs a tad more. This may require multiple testing, because you would want the end product to be as effective as expected.

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