Does CBD Oil Show On A Drug Test?

The use of CBD Oil has been morally questioned many times – mostly because of its origin, in spite of its many relief stories. An excerpt from WHO’s report on CBD:

CBD Oil has shown some promising clinical benefits and people have been preferring it over Pharmaceutical Drugs, mainly because of their side effects. CBD and THC are two prominent components of over 60 cannabinoids present in a cannabis plant. Before addressing the primary question of whether or not CBD Oil show up on a drug test, let us understand the primary differences between CBD and THC. Buy CBD Oil from a reputed store online to avoid side effects of poorly manufactured CBD Oil.

The Primary Difference: CBD vs THC

THC is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant that is responsible for intoxicating the brain and causing, what popularly is known as, Marijuana high. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychoactive and sometimes is even called anti-THC as it counters the psychoactive effect caused by THC. CBD is extracted from the leaves, flowers, and stems of an industrially grown species of the cannabis plant, called Hemp Plant.

The cannabinoids react with the Endocannabinoid System, responsible for maintaining internal regulation in a human body, to produce a wide array of effects covering mood, immune system, memory, appetite, etc. The medicinal benefits of CBD – like chronic pain-relief, countering the growth of cancer cells, useful in cases of seizures and epilepsy, and many more, remain sidelined when stories like use of CBD Oil has been detected in a drug test and the patient has been denied a liver transplant. People have developed a fear of the use of CBD Oil because of these drug tests, but what is the actual truth of it?

CBD Oil and Drug Tests

Starting with, CBD Oil contains traces (0.3%) of the psychoactive component THC. CBD products remain unregulated and this poses a major threat to the quality and proper use of CBD. So, the fact is – CBD is not detected in a drug test but as CBD Oil contains THC in traces, patients who use CBD Oil fail a drug test. But here is the catch.

A CBD Oil drug test is set to look for the psychoactive component – THC. In a report, toxicology expert says – If a test is set up to look for THC, it comes positive even for a small amount of it and doesn’t care for its source. Besides this, after detection of THC, the difference between a drug addict and a clinically impaired person is hard to tell. This is the major reason behind patients on CBD Oil testing positive in drug tests. The presence of THC in CBD Oil is also due to lack of proper regulations set up for it. This scenario encourages fraud manufacturers to sell CBD Oil and use of which is harmful to the patients.

On the positive side, the use of pure CBD Oil doesn’t trigger a drug test. So, it becomes very much important to look for a reputed store to purchase CBD Oil from. A poorly manufactured CBD Oil can not only affect your career by failing you in a drug test but also has a lot of side-effects. Make sure to check for reviews of a store before purchasing CBD Oil from it.