Different Options For PPSR Search

It is being asserted by the government that you should search the PPSR if you are going to buy a used car either from a dealer or from a private seller. This can provide you with a lot of information about the car that is very important to you. It will tell you whether the vehicle you are buying has some pending loans. It will also tell you whether the car is a stolen car or written off car.

The PPSR is not just important for the buyer. It is also an important tool for those who are lending money on a car. The PPSR search will reveal to them all the details of the car, especially whether there is already a security interest on the car. The PPSR is a register that contains all important information of a car. All the latest events of the car are updated by the NEVDIS which data is incorporated in the PPSR too. If the vehicle has been involved in an accident or if it has changed hands, the information will be available on the register.

There are many options to do a search on the PPSR. It is better for you to know the options so that you can use any of the information to make a search.

Search By Serial Number

This is known as a VIN check. You can use the VIN number of the car to search for the details on the PPSR. You need to pay to get the results. You can see the results on the page and download the same. You can also get the results sent to you by mail to your e-mail address.

Other serial numbers that can be used to do a check are the chassis number or the manufacturer’s number.

Search By Individual Or Person

You can search the details on PPSR using the personal details of the owner of the car if you are planning to buy a used car from a private seller. Not everyone can make a search by the name of the person or grantor. You must have the authority to check. The check can be done by a person authorized by the grantor, or an organization or person who has to decide whether to give a loan to the person or someone like you, who wants to know whether there is already an existing loan on the car.

For the search using the grantor, you have to submit the full name of the person, with exact spelling as given in the various documents that can be used as identification proof like the passport, driving license etc. You should also provide the date of the birth of the person to get the right search results.

It is very important for the date of birth to be given. PPSR searches using the name of the individual. If two individuals of the same name exist, then the result will not be proper. So, it will match both the name and date of birth so that you get the right result. Hence it is essential to give the date of birth.