Cover your Assets with Culver City Car Insurance

Whether your car is for personal use or for business, covering the cost of an accident can be devastating. If you lack proper car insurance you may be left paying for expenses out of pocket. These accident expenses can skyrocket if there is bodily injury, collision damage, or if you get involved with someone who lacks proper insurance coverage.

The Cost of an Accident

The highest cost of any car accident is human life but there are other costs are associated with automobile accidents that can damage your health and your finances. Other costs can include medical expenses, repair or replacement of your car, and the expenses that arise when you are involved in an accident of an uninsured motorist. If you lack the level of Car Insurance Culver City, necessary to pay for costs that are associated with an automobile accident, you can be held personally liable.

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The cost of an accident depends on many factors and every situation is different. The following factors can affect the cost of an accident:

  • The location of the accident
  • The severity of the accident
  • The severity of injuries suffered by the driver and passengers of all vehicles involved.
  • The number of passengers that are injured
  • The value of your vehicle and other property that may be damaged in the accident
  • The level of coverage you carry on your policy

Do you have the Coverage you need in Culver City?

The average medical cost for an automobile accident claim is about $15,000 and averages around $3,200 for property damage. When determining the cost of injuries both short and long-term costs must be considered. Short-term expenses can include a visit to the ER, or clinic where you are treated and sent home. Long-term medical expenses can include rehabilitation, therapy and other medical procedures that must continue long after the accident occurs for which costs can run in the millions. Other costs can include lost time at work due to injuries and meetings with adjusters or for doctor’s appointments.

Another short-term cost can include car rental if your vehicle is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. Without automobile rental insurance you will need to pay for this cost, directly. Car Insurance Culver City can include car rental to your policy so that you can still get around while your automobile is being repaired or replaced.

Car Insurance Culver City can help you determine the amount of insurance you need to cover your assets and keep out of pocket costs affordable, in the event of an accident. Even a minor accident can have costs that can affect your life. Get a quote today and find an affordable solution to your insurance needs.