Check The Periodic Table Of Direct Mail Marketing

Thanks to shift towards digital means, direct mail marketing is more effective and offers a better chance for brands to stand out. Since direct mail marketing consists of many elements and aspects that need attention, Washington Direct Mail services have come up with a period table that focuses on all the aspects that a campaign should focus on. Here’s a quick overview of every group at a glance.

Mailing House Elements

This is all about how one should choose a mailing service, with the things that need attention. For example, the mailing house needs to be have experience, expertise, must be complaint to GDPR regulation, should be ISO compliant, and must excel in campaign management.

Data Elements

From customer profiling to prospect matching and using data for a marketing campaign, everything is covered in this group on the direct marketing periodic table.

Print Elements

As the name suggests, this group is all about focusing on the printing aspects, ways of tailoring messages, using options like litho printing and programmatic printing. Evaluating the needs of the campaign and using the right printing technologies are steps to focus on.

Creative Decisions and Ideas Elements

Creative elements eventually determine the success of a direct mail campaign, and this group is all about using ideas that have been effectively utilized by brands so far. Think of one-piece mailers, coupons, shaped mailers, personalized letters, automated enclosing, QR codes and more.

Cost Elements.

Many elements like weight, volume, shape, bleeds, printing techniques can affect the cost of each item eventually produced. This group allows businesses to think of the aspects that really matter and the ones that can be ignored.

Promotional Elements

Using promotional products can offer a great push for the campaign, and this group focus on the products and steps that are involved in organization and assembly. A good agency will consider all the aspects related to using promotional products before finalizing a plan.

Measurement Elements

This group consists of things like response handling, mail matching, checking data, integration with the digital elements. The idea is to add more scalability to the direct mail campaign.

Rare Elements

Finally, these are about using things like pop-up mailers, peel off stickers, scratch cards, scented cards, and other things to add more value to direct mail material.

Find a marketing firm that understands your business, can focus on all the groups above and offer solutions that are measurable and effective.