Can We Survive Bioengineered Viral Pandemics?

If the third World War is really going to happen, there will be so much death and suffering. That is because this era is where human technology ascends to a very fast-paced advancement that it is unimaginable what type of weapon is already out there and available.

And talking about weapons, not all of them are made of steel, metal, or even wood. There are also the types of weapon that are living organisms like viruses modified to kill every human being within a radius.

Today, weapons such as high-powered automatic machine guns, smart missiles, nuclear bombs, and chemical attacks signify how created humans are when they talk about killing one another. And despite the current advancement, they still pursue to make more and better weapons. They restlessly try to create a much deadlier form of attack that will leave all their opponents lying dead on the ground. And with this chilling thought, the question remains, can we survive bioengineered viral pandemics?

What is Bioengineered Viral Pandemics?

The bioengineered viral pandemics are when a traditional virus strain is brought to the lab and have it modified to be more lethal and more transmissible. This practice has been around for decades already and is expected to be already adopted by a lot of countries that have the means and the right people to create one.

Viruses that have developed resistance and even potency are part of a natural evolution. It is similar to how humans can create new and better antibodies when they receive vaccinations. The same concept applies to other living forms and that includes the bacteria and viruses.

Bioengineering or modifying virus DNA is like amplifying its ability to improve, be more lethal, and less susceptible to the things that kill them before. There is no exact explanation as to why experts go for the enhancement of virus characteristics. There is only the hope that one of those viruses will be the cure for cancer. Or perhaps, use to remove human weaknesses such as vulnerability to different types of diseases.

However much these experts have gone to with the viral modification is still a mystery to us all. Only time will tell if people can actually survive the attack.

It is terrifying when you come to think of it. It is scary enough that the old viruses are already deadly on their own. But to have it modified and make it deadlier is just plain wrong.

Why create deadlier viruses?

Behind those ideas are people with the intent to kill. And we are not talking about just one person that can be victimized by these viruses. This is talking about killing thousands and even millions effectively with less to no chance of surviving the attack.

Sure, you can say that scientists are just creating these strains for the betterment of the current technology when it comes to bioengineering. And the concept of using it as a weapon is just inevitable. To consider it as a potential weapon is plainly putting it as a suggestion in the foreseeable future. It is just not right.

But there it is. Using terrorisms as an alibi to these practices is another cause for argument. What can ordinary people like you and I do when radicals and terrorists attack? We have nothing but our will to survive and a chance to hide when guns start firing and the bombs start exploding. By then we pray that our government will do something about it and fight back.

They can use that sort of reasoning and we fall back to surrender that the point implied is somewhat correct. And with that, you ask yourself: What is really wrong and right? If it is wrong to kill but you have nowhere to go but to defend yourself and fight back and kill in the process. Is it still right to kill if your intention is to defend yourself and your loved ones?

That is the reason people in power use as an excuse to tolerate creating these kinds of weapons. Terrorism is real and it is happening right now all over the world.

Is there a way to survive bioengineered viral pandemics?

If the attack happens and you are within its radius, the chance of you surviving that attack is slim to none but mostly none. The only way to survive such attack is by learning it before it happens. So if you happen to be one of the people who learned of an impending viral attack, your best option is to get away as much as possible from the target area.

The best case for you is to go in a far and secluded area. Preferably, the woods or mountains will give you a better chance of surviving. As long as you are miles away from the target point you are going to be safe. That is assuming the best possible scenario that the attack is solely done in one area near you.

If escape is not an option, bet your life on the reliability of a simple face mask. Stay away as much as possible from people that are likely infected already by the virus. Consider everyone as already infected as viruses do not spare anyone for any special particular reason. Even if it is one of your family members, assume that he or she is already infected.

To stop the spread, have all of them wear a mask on so as not to be a contagion. Try to quarantine everyone so as not to worsen the spread of the virus. And since new viruses will likely have no vaccine yet, try to minimize the damage. It is unquestionably hard to stand idle and do nothing when it is your family or loved ones that are suffering in front of you. But try to look at it in a general way. Sacrifice is a bitter thing to swallow but if it is for the good of many, you will just have to decide whichever is right or wrong for you.

Avoid heavily populated areas that have poor ventilation. Shelters that are poorly ventilated shelters are the worst way to try to be safe. A crowded basement is also not an ideal way to stop the spread of the virus. It is a trap that will likely stimulate the contamination to everyone present in the room.

Another way to survive the pandemic is to hide underground such as a sealed basement with enough food supplies. Or if you happen to have one submarine, you can use that and escape the attack by going underwater and miles away from the target area.

A final thought…

Preaching about how we should stop creating weapons to destroy and kill will never suffice the urge of men to dominate and take what they believe is theirs. It is that greed and the self-righteous point of view that will always separate us from each other. As long as discrimination exists, there will never be a real and lasting peace for all of us. Maybe until the time that the last one of us is finally out of breath, then that is the time that peace is finally happening. But that would be the most tragic way to live.


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