Can Company Review Sites Boost Your Business Revenues?

When potential customers begin searching for a retailer, restaurant, or service provider, they have only two things on their mind:

  1. Will I get my money’s worth, or
  2. Am I going to walk into a buzz saw?

Trying to answer those questions before engaging a business has become much easier these days. People look online at what other customers have to say. Your business should have a reputation, and it should be both terrific and known. By developing your online reputation in a positive way, your business opportunity, and subsequent revenue, grows. Nothing helps you manage your reputation like great company review sites.

Here are three things you should know about reputation management.

Who Is Looking for You Online?

That’s easy to answer: nearly everyone in the market for what you sell. Once upon a time, people used the printed phone book’s yellow pages to search for local businesses. Now, depending on which of the many surveys you wish to credit, anywhere from 69 to 85 percent of consumers jump online to find a business. Which is why you’re probably receiving daily solicitations from online marketing companies. The phone book has nearly become an artifact for museum displays.

Why Do Your Reviews Matter?

With the shift to the internet comes the easy ability to post and read reviews. Take the paper, pen, envelope, stamp, and mail carrier out of the process, and people happily (or unhappily, as the case may be) relay their experiences about the companies they’ve patronized.  It’s easy, and you should be glad. Potential customers want answers to the questions mentioned above. Your past customers do your advertising for you.

Only two things could go wrong:

  1. You fail to make your customers happy, or
  2. Your reviews are scattered across the web on obscure sites that neither you nor your prospects will ever see.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Review Visibility?

Offering your customers a ready-made place to post a review helps you concentrate your free advertising in one convenient place. Company review sites popping up all over the place have the right idea. They give you the means to ask your customers and clients to post reviews as painlessly as opening their email. Once written, the review automatically posts to your review site, your website and wherever else you choose to link your reviews. But wait, there’s more.

What if someone posts a bad review? Worse, what if they post a bad review on another site, and you have no knowledge of it? Here’s where a great company review site that also monitors your online reputation comes to the rescue. When your reviews partner also scours over 700 disparate review sites looking for any mention of your business, you can take action wherever needed. By responding professionally to bad reviews, you boost confidence in your business. You take control of your online reputation.

Did you know that increasing your star rating average by one star translates into increased revenue of 9 percent? When over 80 percent of consumers trust online reviews, it only makes good financial sense to join hands with one of the great company review sites.