Blister packaging is something you should know about

Do you know what the popular packaging choice of users is for many years? Yes, it is the blister packaging. Blister packaging is said to have many advantages over other forms of packaging. Since many years it has been providing a cost-effective means of packaging which is capable of effectively displaying the product line and at a much reduced cost. Southpack provides blister packaging which includes custom blister packaging and blister solutions, besides these things Southpack also offers stocks blisters and gang runs for all products at a very low cost.

The blister packages usually made of 2 separate elements which include a transparent plastic cavity and its blister board backing. These two elements make the packaging efficiency, the two elements are joined together through a heat sealing process, and this heat sealing process allows the product to be changed and displayed. Blister pack thus is Avery effective method to make your product look amazing and attractive.

Advantages of blister packaging

One of the most cost-effective ways of showcasing your product is by blister packaging. The Nature of material and design of blister packaging makes it the most cost-effective method of packaging when compared to other forms of packaging. The wide range of colors and finishes in the packaging and clear display of the product makes it an easy method of advertising your products.

Standard face seal blister

It is the most basic type of blister packaging. The standard face sealed blister packaging includes the body of the product and it is heat sealed to a specially treated card. Flanges are used in blister packaging to seal; standard face seal blister packaging also uses flanges to seal the card or foil.

Trap blister packaging

Trap blister packaging is a type of blister packaging which is increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Trapped blister packaging is the blister packaging with a larger flange; the flange is then utilized to trap the blisters between the two cards with glue which is used to seal the two cards. Trap blister packaging is eco-friendly, and this factor is contributing towards its success