Best Treatments For Anti-Aging Clinics Around The World

Eternal youth is a superpower we would all love to have, but unfortunately, it’s not reality. Instead of daydreaming about having magic powers, try investing in these costly anti-aging treatments found around the world and why they’re worth every penny you’ll spend!

Belotero Balance–$800–$900

One of the most favouredanti-aging treatments all over the world, the Beloterobalance is ideal for women or men who want to get rid of fine lines at the corners of their mouth or eyes (crow’s feet). The treatment makes use of Belotero which is a dermal filler consisting of Hyaluronicacid. Until recently, women eagerly injected themselves with botox to get rid of fine lines, which came at its own cost due to the stiffness. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, provides immediate results and lasts for six months with no touch ups in between.

Thermi RF –Thermi RF $4,000; $350 per session for topical treatment

Among all the things that one might dislike about their body in old age, skin losing its elasticity certainly tops the list. For decades, people have invested in all sorts of outrageous things to improve the texture of their skin by improving elasticity. In this day and age, the favourite skin tightening treatment is called Thermi RF. The skin tightening device melts fat tissue, and passes out in the urine. The results are immediate but occur over a span of 3-6 months, and might cause swelling that will eventually go away.

JuvedermVoluma XC –$1,200

This dermal filler is often used by celebrities who wish to lift and define their cheekbones, which creates a more youthful appearance. This remarkable anti-aging treatment also helps to reduce signs of crow’s feet, tightens skin around the face, neck, and can create more full and wrinkle-free lips.

DermaPen–$500 per session

The DermaPen is FDA approved and is a Microneedling pen which is used to enhance the texture of the skin significantly. The result of this brilliantly engineered tool is smooth skin that is visibly brighter. The results aren’t immediate; it can take up to 5 or 6 sessions for the treatment to be complete. It is undoubtedly worth the money and wait!