Are you a Beginner? Consider these 5 Things Before you Start Playing Rummy

Every time someone mentioned about Classic rummy, it is quite possible that you felt an urge to play the game. Especially if you are new to rummy, more than the interest it is the inquisitiveness that draws you towards the game. Rummy is an interesting skill based game. If you understand the rules of the game well and play regularly, you’ll find that winning at rummy becomes quite natural to you. But before you get started playing the game, check out these important things to be kept in mind in order to enjoy the true essence of the game.

  1. It is a skill based game

For Indian rummy your skills of reasoning, analytical ability, observation, concentration and decision making are prime attributes contributing to your success in the game. Luck has hardly any scope, particularly in rummy. As a beginner of the game, you need to focus simultaneously on developing and improving those skills whilst you are learning the nuances of the game.

  1. Adhere to the rules

Indian rummy rules are easy to learn but most of the times players tend to break them. Such an act would invite an uncalled check to your game and cease you from playing any further. Abide by the rules to keep your prospects alive in the game. Professional and expert rummy players are true connoisseurs of the game who believe in playing by the rules and never resort to unfair practices.

  1. You may not win always

Rummy does not always lead you to win. Even after gaining expertise and experience in the game, you may not always win. Especially with online rummy cash games, you are not limited to playing against a handful of known players – you are pitted against the best and the brightest rummy players from across the world. Cash rummy requires exceptional rummy skills in order to beat them and emerge, winner, every time.

  1. Free and cash games are different

Most of the rummy sites offer both free and cash games to play rummy. Free games do not require any initial deposit amount for playing. But cash games call for certain deposits to be made in order to join the cash tables. Although the rules of the game remain the same, the purpose of playing them varies. Free games are mostly associated with relaxation, fun and for the purpose of learning the game while earning small prizes and cash rewards. On the other hand, cash games are for the talented and expert rummy players who play for real cash prizes. The time duration is much lesser and the opponent here is undoubtedly a tough nut to crack.

  1. Regular playing is essential

Perfection in the game is possible only when you practice regularly. As a beginner, you need to continue playing regularly against different players. This will give you ample opportunities to implement your knowledge and sharpen you rummy skills. Also, when you play rummy regularly you develop to become an expert rummy player.


Your interest to learn and play Indian Rummy is the beginning of your continued and committed efforts that you invest in order to excel in the game. Play rummy more.