All About WP Reset Plugin, Its Importance And Features

When you are testing plugins, resetting website is indeed useful. Not only for plugin and theme testing but if you are keen on taking a look at how your website initially looked, here you can hit the reset button. You do not have to re-install WordPress nor have to delete which is time-taking too. There is a much easier solution than that. It is nothing but hitting of the reset button. This solution is just apt for standalone WordPress Websites and not perfect for multisite installations; thus, embarking on resetting your website using the WP or WordPress Database Reset.

A Brief Outline

WordPress database reset, a free plugin which is available in the directory of WordPress Plugin which enables you to reset database back to its original state. As your database comprises of all information pertinent to the website, all the information will get wiped off from the website and the website will be back to its original state as if you have installed for the first time.

WordPress plugin is an impeccable tool developed by the developers. With just a single click you can reset the website. This plugin is used by the developer every day for developing, debugging as well as for maintaining quite a good number of WordPress plugins& themes.


The WP reset plugin comes with advanced features. Let’s take a look at the features:

  • The website can be reset with just a single click. It is faster and easier. When you need a fresh WordPress installation, click on reset.
  • The WP Reset plugin is 100% CLI compatible thus making it super-fast and the user will not face any difficulty while working.
  • If any problem arises while working, you will get complete support from the developer who has built the plugin.
  • For reactivating plugins, you do not have to set manually. The plugin will reconfigure the environment according to the need of the users.

Benefits Of Using The Plugin

There are several benefits associated with the WP Reset Plugin:

•         New installation at a single click in the quickest possible manner

•         Database can be reset without modifying or deleting any existing files

•         All customized database made by plugins and themes can be deleted

•         The last but not the least benefit is it is convenient and faster.

Wrapping Up

The easiest way for quickly resetting the WP database is with the use of advanced WP Reset Plugin. The plugin has become immensely popular among the users globally because it will not delete plugins or themes but will deactivate these.  This plugin is highly recommended in the test environment where you have to constantly start over.

If you have any doubt using the plugin, the best possible manner to keep away all doubts is by reading the reviews of satisfied users. It is will certainly impress you and you can yourself spot the difference while using the plugin. It does an incredible job on single installation & speeds up testing as well as re-testing process.